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Toronto’s commitment to age-friendly principles

Toronto’s commitment to age-friendly principles

We all have the right to fully engage in the social, economic, and cultural life of our city. To ensure this happens, the City of Toronto promises to amend the Official Plan to recognize the City’s commitment to age-friendly principles.

Age-Friendly City:

For those of us who are older and have varying needs and capacities, an age friendly city adapts its structures and services, so we can access them. They address our needs, enhance our quality of life, and ensure we remain engaged in every aspect of civic life.

Ensuring affordable and accessible social and community supports throughout our lives assists in easing the stress on ourselves or family members caring for older relatives.

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Age-mindful city:

Toronto aims to govern with age-mindfulness, which means it views all aspects of city life from the perspective of us citizens, spanning the age spectrum.

Toronto, like the rest of Canada, is ageing. The number of people over 45 years of age is growing rapidly, as well as in proportion to the total population. Increased urbanization of older Canadians throughout Canada means that Toronto has a greater share of people over 65 years of age living within the municipal boundaries compared to the surrounding regions.

An Age-Friendly Toronto represents a shift in the relationship and responsibilities the City has with us. It will transform Toronto into a city in which all citizens have confidence in movement and residence and stay fully engaged in every aspect of civic life just as we have throughout our lives.

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