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Hamilton Home and Property Maintenance

We’re dedicated to understanding and meeting the specific needs of Hamilton homeowners, with a special focus on seniors looking for reliable, high-quality home and property maintenace.

We provide home management plans, each uniquely designed to address the unique requirements of your home.

Custodia Home Management Hamilton


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Home and Property Maintenance Services available in Hamilton, ON


Grass Cutting
House Washing
Hedge and Bush
Handy Projects


Snow Clearing
Deicing Visits
Safety Check
Handy Projects

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Seasonal Maintenance in Hamilton, ON

Springtime in Hamilton a Season of Renewal and Natural Beauty

Spring in Hamilton is a season of renewal and rejuvenation, with homeowners focusing on essential maintenance tasks. As the weather warms Lawn care, including mowing, fertilizing, and weeding, helps revive the landscape. 

Deck and patio maintenance ensures outdoor spaces are ready for relaxation. While Gutter cleaning is essential to prevent water damage. Completing these tasks during spring ensures that homes are well-prepared and in top condition for the warmer months ahead.

Summer Delights in Hamilton Include Warmth, Sunshine, and Outdoor Adventures

Summer in Hamilton offers an ideal opportunity for homeowners to focus on essential maintenance tasks. Regular lawn care, landscaping upkeep, and exterior inspections help maintain curb appeal.

Additionally, deck and patio maintenance ensures outdoor spaces are ready for gatherings. Summer is also a perfect time for pool maintenance, outdoor plumbing checks, and addressing any drafts around windows and doors.

And this Fall’s crisp air in Hamilton signals a time for preparation and maintenance.

As the leaves begin to fall, clearing gutters prevents clogs and water damage. Additionally, inspecting and weatherizing windows and doors helps conserve energy and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Fall is also an excellent time to schedule furnace and HVAC system inspections to ensure they’re in peak condition for the upcoming winter. Lastly, landscaping tasks such as lawn aeration and leaf removal are essential to keep the property looking tidy and prepared for the season ahead.

Hamilton winter snow and ice stand no chance against Custodia.

Snow removal from driveways and walkways is a top priority to ensure safety. Homeowners also focus on insulating windows and doors to conserve warmth and energy.

Roof inspections are vital to prevent leaks or ice dams. Ensuring adequate insulation in attics and walls helps maintain comfortable temperatures indoors. Proper sealing of gaps and cracks prevents drafts and heat loss. Winter in Burlington demands these proactive measures to ensure homes are secure, warm, and energy-efficient during the frosty season.

Custodia services these postal codes in Hamilton

L8H Parkview East, Normanhurst, McQuesten West
L8J Ryckmans, Nashdale, Hamilton Beach.
L8K Eastmount, Bartonville, Glenview East.
L8L Central Hamilton, North End.
L8M Blakeley, Stipley, St. Clair.
L8N Corktown, Stinson, Central Hamilton.

L8P Durand, Kirkendall North, Corktown.
L8R Central Hamilton, Beasley.
L8S Westdale South, Ainslie Wood, Cootes Paradise.
L8T Lawfield, Thorner, Jerome.
L8V Macassa, Burkholme, Hampton Heights.
L8W Broughton East, Balfour.

L9A Jerome, Thorner, Balfour, Falkirk East.
L9B Gurnett, Gilkson, Fessenden, Mountview
L9C Yeoville, Gilkson, Fessenden, Fessenden, Gurnett.
L9G Ancaster West, Allison, Sheldon.
L9H Dundas, Pleasant Valley.
L9K Dundas, Greensville.

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