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An HMP is 3 or more home maintenance services bundled and automated.

Customize your HMP to meet your needs in every season.

The Build Your Own HMP gives homeowners the ultimate flexibility in home maintenance. Craft a plan that suits your exact needs by selecting only the services you require. From window washing to snow clearing and everything in between, this plan allows you to personalize your home maintenance package to perfection.

Start with the basics and then add on services according to your home’s unique requirements. Whether you have a large property or a cozy apartment, this plan allows for total customization, ensuring a home maintenance plan that feels just right for you. It’s about giving you control and convenience, wrapped up in one cost-effective package.

Home Management Plan

Customize your Home Management Plan

Select the services you need now and feel free to add services as you go. You’re backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee and our commitment to being the best home maintenance company in Canada.


Yard Clean Up
Window Cleaning
Lawn Care
Safety Check


Grass Cutting
House Washing
Hedge and Bush
Handy Projects


Yard Clean Up
Gutter Cleaning
Tree Trimming
Lawn Care


Snow Clearing
Deicing Visits
Safety Check
Household Projects

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Customized to your specific needs.
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