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As the winter months approach and the landscape turns into a picturesque snowy wonderland, your driveways, pathways, and sidewalks often bear the brunt of it. At Custodia, we understand that timely and efficient snow removal is more than just a convenience – it’s about safety, accessibility, and peace of mind.

Our teams are on standby, ready to swing into action as soon as the snow starts accumulating. We pride ourselves on timely service, ensuring you have a clear path to your door.

What can you include in the snow clearing service?

Automated Snow clearing    Walkways    Diveway    Doorways    Salting    Garbage Access

We price snow clearing by the size of driveway

The snow removal price is based on the size of the area you would like the snow cleared from in the winter.

We measure things to be accurate

Measure square footage of the area to be cleared
Snow will be cleared in under 12 hours*
Automatic deployment after snowfalls of 3CM or more
Your salt will be applied after snow removal is complete
Customize to your specific needs

Your snow removal price inludes some extras

We include all necessary costs to perform the work you’ve added to your home management plan.

The price of your snow clearing includes:

Travel, fuel and maintenance costs
All the necessary equipment
Automated deployment and job management
All associated materials and supplies

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