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You can get all of the property maintenance you need from Custodia.

Seniors get 5% off all services automatically, and can get additional savings when bundling services together into a Home Management Plan.

Enjoy automated, consistent service visits that you can rely on.

Keep the exterior of your home in pristine condition with our Outside HMP. This plan bundles essential services like grass cutting, yard work, gutter cleaning, and more to keep your property looking its best year-round.

Save time and stress by entrusting your outdoor maintenance to our experienced professionals, trained to handle various tasks with precision and care.

The HMP is customizable to suit different home sizes and landscapes, ensuring personalized care for your outdoor space. Experience the joy of a well-maintained home exterior without the hassle.

Customize your outside HMP

Select the services you need now and feel free to add services as you go. You’re backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee and our commitment to being the best home maintenance company in Canada.


Yard Clean Up
Window Cleaning
Lawn Care


Grass Cutting
House Washing
Hedge and Bush


Yard Clean Up
Tree Trimming
Lawn Care


Snow Clearing
Deicing Visits
Safety Check

Who else wants an automated home management plan?

Bundle the home maintenance you need.
Order once and everything else is automated.
Customized to your specific needs.
Enjoy happy professionals
One number to call

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