Seniors Only: Call 1-833-410-HELP to get help with your home and yard maintenance.

Enjoy your work
Help others who need it Grow your career

At Custodia, we do great work. We help seniors live better and longer lives in their homes. The people on our team are professional, capable, and have a deep respect for our customers and for their individual needs.

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Why work with Custodia?

We are a growing company where the sky is the lmit. Every day is different and the personal groth opportunties are endless. Help yourself by helping others.

Challenging and Rewarding

Custodia is both challenging and rewarding. You need to be patient and versitile.

Friendly and Respectful

We offer an environment where you are safe to be you and do what you do best.

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Your Growth Pathway

At Custodia, we are excited by your personal goals and will do our best to help you reach them.