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Toronto seniors and students’ Home-Share program

Toronto seniors and students’ Home-Share program

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as having too much space. Many of us only realise as we get older that having too much house is not only impractical but lonesome, too.

The City of Toronto connects over-housed seniors with under-housed graduate students through a Home-share program, with the help of the Seniors Community Grant Program under the Ministry of Seniors Affairs.

Home-Share Program – How does it work?
Homeowners are seniors over the age of 55 who live independently in their home, are interested in sharing household responsibilities, have spare living space, and are interested in companionship.

Seniors Active Living services in Toronto

Home sharers are at least 18 years old, looking for safe and affordable accommodation, willing to share household responsibilities and are interested in companionship.

They match you on your geographical districts, preferences, interests, hobbies, backgrounds, and personalities, but a trial period of one or two weeks is advised before finalising arrangements. Once a match is established, regular follow-ups, as well as counselling for difficulties is offered.

Home-Share program – Benefits for participants

The longer seniors can stay in their house and have the company of another person, the more they benefit from significantly prolonged health. On a community level, there is a decreased use of shelter services, emergency services and a reduction in ambulance calls
Evidence suggests that both the homeowner and home sharer experience decreased feelings of isolation, increased feelings of safety, better sleep and overall better health when taking part in a HomeShare arrangement.

Tips to prevent falls around your home.

Contact the HomeShare coordinator at1-844-547-4273 or email
support@seniorhomeshares.com to learn more.

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