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The 7 Best Grab Bars for Your Home

The 7 Best Grab Bars for Your Home

According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 3 seniors over 65 are likely to fall at least once in a year. For many, these falls can lead to injuries requiring hospitalization. In fact, each year, 85% of injury-related hospitalizations in seniors are due to falls. The Public Health Agency of Canada say that over one-third of these seniors are placed into long-term care as a result of their fall injury.

These numbers are frightening. But, with a safer home, they can be avoided. First, consider whether someone is at a higher risk for a fall. The CDC states that risk factors for falling can be vision problems, difficulty with balance, sedative medications, vitamin D deficiency, foot pain or poor footwear, and general body weakness. There is a higher risk when the home is cluttered, has uneven stairs, low lighting, or unsecured throw rugs. The bathroom is a very common spot for falls to occur; the slick, flat, slippery surfaces are dangerous to even the most able-bodied people.

When you consider how many fall hazards there are around the home combined with the statistics on seniors falling, it’s frightening. With more and more seniors opting to age in place at their own homes, it is imperative that their space be made as safe as can be.

One easy way a safe home can be achieved is with the simple installation of mobility devices like grab bars. Grab bars are typically used in the bathroom to assist with entering and exiting the shower/tub, and to help with getting on/off the toilet. However, they can be installed all around the home wherever a little extra stability assistance is needed.

Grab bars can be easily installed on your own, but when someone is relying totally on them, its best to have it done the safest possible way by a professional.

Different Types of Grab Bars

When it comes to grab bars, there are 3 main differences in installation. Some are installed vertically, some horizontally, and some on an angle. You could also install two bars together to create an L-shape.

Each bar supports differently. Vertical bars are typically better for standing positions, like stepping in and out of the shower, while horizontal bars are better for use when lowering and raising the body. Angled bars are typically more similar to horizontal, but can combine the two.

Within these types of bars, there are also many other differences. Some bars are textured, some are installed by suction rather than screws, and some even serve other functions in the bathroom as well. It’s a confusing space to navigate.

To help make the choice easier, we have narrowed down what we think are the 7 best grab bars easily available for purchase in Canada.

The 7 Best Grab Bars

Best Overall – Moen SecureMount 18 inch

Top-rated grab bar for home safety - a must-have in your space.

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This sleek stainless steel grab bar is simple and effective. It’s textured to assist with grip, is rust-resistant, and can withstand up to 500 pounds of weight when installed properly. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, or on an angle, and the screws are concealed for a cleaner look.

Best Suction – Mommy’s Helper 17 inch Safe-er Grip

Stylish grab bar for your bathroom - part of the 7 best for home.

Click here to view on Amazon Canada

A suction grab bar option is great for when drilling isn’t possible. However, it can be a little finicky. It must be applied to smooth, clean, flat, non-porous surfaces. It will not work over grout lines or textured surfaces. It must be reattached and tested before every use, as the suction could have weakened since the last use. Once it is clean and reset, it is very strong, though it’s still not recommended that full body weight be placed on it.

Best Angled – ROVATE 17 inch Angled Grab Bar

Secure your space with this recommended grab bar design.

Click here to view on Amazon Canada

This is an excellent angled option. It is sleek stainless steel, will not rust, and can withstand 300 pounds of weight when installed correctly. The screws are concealed for a sleeker look.

Best Flip-Up – Moen 30 inch Flip-Up Grab Bar

Explore the 7 best grab bars for home - enhancing safety.

Click here to view on Amazon Canada

This option is wonderful for small spaces, as it flips up out of the way when not in use. This style of bar is especially great for installation by the toilet. It will support up to 300 pounds, or 500 pounds when installed to a wall stud. It is stainless steel and will not rust.

Best for Small Space – DELTA Corner Shelf with Assist Bar

Functional and modern grab bar - part of our top 7 picks.

Click here to view on Amazon Canada

This beautiful stainless steel multifunction corner shelf is a great option for small spaces. It holds your toiletries and offers your support! It is more designed for assistance rather than placing entire body weight on, but will still support 250 pounds when installed correctly.

Best Standing Bar – Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

levate accessibility with this featured grab bar at home.

Click here to view on Amazon Canada

The most expensive item on our list, this bar is secured to the ceiling and floor and can be used all around the house as well as in the bathroom to assist with standing and sitting, or stepping in and out of the shower/bath. It is adjustable at 7-10 feet tall and will support up to 300 pounds. It is important to note that it will not work on a curved or textured ceiling.

Best Multi-Use – Moen Home Care Grab Bar Toilet Paper Holder

Safety meets style - a highlighted grab bar from our top 7

Click here to view on Amazon Canada

This is a marvelous option for someone who may not like the look of grab bars, and just wants a little assistance getting on or off the toilet. This toilet paper holder, when installed correctly, will support up to 250 pounds. It’s a wonderful subtle option, but not for those who would need to apply their full body weight.

Installation is easy with Custodia

It’s simple: grab bars make the home a safer place for seniors to live. Whatever style of bar you choose, adding grab bars in the bathroom and elsewhere provide the gift of security and peace-of-mind that you deserve. Remember, if installation is what’s scaring you off adding grab bars to your home, Custodia is here to help with that.

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