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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

Best Christmas gifts for Seniors - Custodia Home Management

By Joanne Richard.

How many times have you heard it? “I have everything – don’t get me anything.”

Yes, many older folks don’t want or need more knickknacks or warm gloves, or gift cards, but there are still many thoughtful and Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors that can make their lives simpler, safer, and just more comfortable and cozy. And that just won’t sit somewhere on a shelf.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors
Best Gift Ideas for Seniors

With gift-giving season rolling in, the big countdown is on and there are only so many shopping days left! We’re here to help with a sleighful of thoughtful ideas that provide self-care, fun experiences, or assist with special needs – and make life that much more merry.

List of Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

From sensible gifts to sentimental things to presents that make aging at home a whole lot easier, there’s something that’ll brighten Christmas morning for every special senior on your list. Explore our curated collection of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors and spread joy and comfort this holiday season.

1. Nest Thermostat.

Get them some smart technology to keep them living in their own homes with ease and confidence. A Nest Learning Thermostat has a big, sharp display and remembers what temperature your folks prefer, learns their schedule, and programs itself to save energy. Available at major retailers including Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Lowes, and Walmart.

2. Smart Garage Door Opener.

Welcome your loved one home with a Smart Garage Door Opener that lets them in and out safely and effortlessly with the simple touch of their Smartphone; lots to choose from at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and other retailers. Consider these among the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors, offering convenience and peace of mind during the festive season and beyond.

3. Smart Ring Doorbell

Ring in the holidays with a Smart Ring Doorbell. Lets them see who’s coming and going, safely and conveniently, and even chat with visitors – even if they’re not home. A variety of models are available online and at major retailers and are super easy to install and user-friendly.

4. Heatable Slippers Spa Chic

Warm their heart and their feet with the new and glamourous Heatable Slippers Spa Chic by Magic Bag. Give soothing relief of aches and pains with lavender aromatherapy slippers that hold heat for 30 minutes after warming them up in the microwave. Store in freezer and use them instead as a cold compress. The heatable inserts can be removed. Available at and pharmacies and retailers across Canada, along with other therapeutic Magic Bag Spa wellness products, including the Lavendar Extended Aromatherapy Wrap Spa Chic and the Eucalyptus or Lavender Aromatherapy Mask.

Heatable Slippers Spa Chic - Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors
Heatable Slippers Spa Chic

5. Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock

Keep them up to date with a digital calendar alarm day clock with an extra-large screen display that’s convenient and simple to read; or consider a high-resolution calendar wall clock that spells out the time, day, and indoor/outdoor temperature in 3.25-inch digits.

6. Electronic Photo Frame

No technical skills are required. Connect your folks to love and fun with videos and photos on an electronic photo frame. Share the login information with family members and everyone can share their good times – manage the frame, so many to choose from, with your phone and update using apps, email, Google photos, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

7. Flipper Big Button Remote

Remotes can be a major frustration for seniors – the Flipper Big Button Remote features large color-coded tactile buttons for easy use and works for up to two devices. Only six easy-to-read and easy-to-operate buttons – On/Off, Channel Up, Channel Down, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute. Ideal for loved ones with Dementia or Alzheimer’s or someone with low and impaired vision.

8. Cobble Hill Easy Handling Puzzle

Something entertaining like a puzzle is a great way to exercise the brain, and there are options for every activity level, including those with vision or cognitive challenges. Cobble Hill Easy Handling puzzles have 275 pieces and are not only perfect for easy assembling but large pieces make the details more visible. At,, and other retailers by checking

9. Customized Photo Gift

Add a special touch to a puzzle by customizing it with a favourite family photo. Not only is it a great Christmas day activity for the entire family, but it’ll warm mom’s heart over and over again. Or put that special memory on a blanket, mug, doormat, pillowcase, calendar and more at,, and more.

10. Personalized Drawing Jigsaw Puzzle

Guaranteed to melt grandma’s heart, how about a Personalized Drawing Jigsaw Puzzle? Get a grandchild or even great-grandchild to draw a picture on this blank framed canvas jigsaw puzzle, then break it apart and place it into the included gift box. It’s from Poppys Collection, a woman-run, a Canadian business that specializes in curated items for babies, kids, and families from around the world.

Personalized Drawing Jigsaw Puzzle - Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors
Personalized Drawing Jigsaw Puzzle

11. Sound Bar TV Speakers

Now they’ll hear what you hear. Soundbar TV speakers clarify the dialogue and reduce the distracting background sounds so hearing-impaired seniors don’t have to turn things up so loud. The ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar features patented hearing technology that separates the voices from the rest of the soundtrack – and then manipulates them much like a hearing aid does. The voices literally jump out of the soundtrack and can be heard clearly.

12. Weighted Blanket

Give them a much-needed hug when you’re not there. Weighted blankets could provide your loved one with a more fitful sleep, calm nerves and diminish anxiety, including those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The therapeutic effects of deep pressure simulated through the use of a weighted blanket have been documented. Proudly Canadian Hush weighted blankets get rave reviews and so too many others – check out reviews. Consider these as some of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors, offering comfort and relief during the holiday season and beyond.

Comfortable Weighted Blanket - Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors
Weighted Blanket

13. Body Care Products

Take mom out for lunch and personal service like hairstyling, a manicure or pedicure – something that lifts their spirits and makes them feel good. Everyone mom loves nice bodycare products but many seniors don’t like to spend on themselves. Pamper her with luscious hand cream or a Radiance Gift set from La Maison Clayton Shagal. Boost her skin with Vitamin C Supercharged Serum from Alya Skin, or wrap up some all-over goodness without any greasy residue with the All Over Face + Body Lotion by Gradon.

Radiance Gift Set - Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors
Radiance Gift set

14. Versatile Makeup Products

Stuff your mom’s stocking with a simple stroke of colour for cheeks, eyes and lips – the Mineral Fusion 3-in-1 Color Stick is a versatile makeup product that provides a nice glow in a lightweight, hypo-allergenic formula and is lightweight for her purse too.

15. Special Chocolate

How about sweets for your sweet folks! Everybody loves a few pieces of special chocolate – and, in this case, a special keepsake gift tin. The Christmas Wreath Gift Tin from Purdys is sure to delight any sweet tooth and make the holidays merrier when shared. Twenty delicious chocolates make for special delivery. Or go for the Candy Cane Truffles and some Peppermint Bark.

Purdys Chocolate for Seniors - Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors
Purdys Chocolate

16. The Gift Refinery

Let’s not forget those moms who get a lift from little gifts. The Gift Refinery does all the work for you. It’s an elevated seasonal subscription-based box with carefully selected Canadian artisans and brands delivered right to her door, with a focus on giving back to the community with every purchase. Show you care for her and the community by shopping local – the holiday gift box includes Evio Beauty Lip Serum, Aija Candle Studio Organic Soy Candle, Eluo Beauty’s Forma Rosea Facial Polish, MIFA Eucalyptus Coco Body Wash, Mintier Oil Based Breath Mint, a beautiful, solid fringed Alpaca Throw by Pokoloko and more.

17. Trekking Poles

For the active senior, add balance and safety to those walks and hikes. Trekking poles stave off injuries and lessen the impact. The Motem Ultra Strong Hiking/Walking/Trekking Poles got the highest rating rundown on Hiking poles are not just for serious hikers or older folks – they lessen the wear and tear, especially on your knees for every age. MEC also offers a wide variety of quality poles.

18. Meal Kits

For those who live on their own, how about a meal delivery service. More companies are now dishing out single portions. Hello Fresh and Chefs Plate are two companies that provide meal kits for one – ingredients are delivered right to their home, there’s very little prep work and you know they’ll be eating healthy.

19. Custodia Seniors Support Services

And last but not least how about wrapping up some peace of mind for that special senior in your life by connecting them to Custodia, a trusty-worth and respected seniors services company. From home maintenance, yard work, odd jobs, household tasks and companionship, and its local Helpers enable older adults to live longer and safer in their own homes with a lot less stress.

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