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Food For Good Mood

By Joanne Richard. As seasons change, so do moods. Chilly temps, shorter days, and being cooped up inside can zap our energy and have us feeling a bit blue. And that steady diet of doomscrolling – a new variant spreading, another pandemic winter – is messing with our brain. “The cold, dark days of winter…
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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

By Joanne Richard. How many times have you heard it? “I have everything – don’t get me anything.” Yes, many older folks don’t want or need more knickknacks or warm gloves, or gift cards, but there are still many thoughtful Christmas gifts for seniors that can make their lives simpler, safer, and just more comfortable…
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Ontario’s efforts towards protecting vulnerable seniors

We all deserve to feel safe and secure from physical, psychological and financial abuse. Programs and supports across Ontario’s systems of health, social, community, financial and justice are responsible for protecting us from these threats. Efforts guarding vulnerable seniors Ontario’s Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee acts as a public guardian for more than…
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