Company Values

These are the values that guide our business, our service, and our Brand.
As our company continues to evolve and grow, these five values remain constant.

Our Values

They guide what we do, why we work, and who we hire.

Obsess over the customer

Be in the customer’s shoes when you speak with them or work for them. What would you want from a service like Custodia? Is the price fair? Is the work done well? Are we a company worth working with for the long term?

Go above and beyond

Make your interactions always go above and beyond in your work. Help a team member, stay a extra few minutes, Look for opportunities to go above and beyond for our customers.

Be your own captain

You drive your own ship. Take responsibility for your mistakes and your successes. Be honest with yourself and your peers.

Hold your head high

We are proud to help seniors live longer and safer lives at home and we can leave work almost every day reflecting back on those we are helping reduce stress and conserve energy.

Succeed, as a team

Together we will explore new ideas, help millions, play games, challenge one another and truly enjoy the ride. Having fun at work and playing on a great team, is what unites us.