Helpers On-Demand

Custodia connects older adults and families with Custodia Helpers for companionship, home maintenance, yard work, odd jobs, and assistance with household tasks.  Sign up for free, use on-demand.

We are a no-contact seniors services provider near you

Virtual assessments, COVID-19 safety protocols, distanced work, and a friendly chat. Sit back and enjoy a safe, no-contact service experience.


We customize the program to fit each person perfectly

Checking in on loved ones, helping online, one-off projects, seasonal maintenance, home modifications, and so much more all customized into an automated home management plan.


Sherilyn’s Story

Sherilyn wanted her father to live at home, where he wanted to be. She was missing a vital part of the home care puzzle; seniors services. There was no one to help her and her brother manage their dad’s home over the years. To her, Custodia was a perfect fit.

How it works

Custodia is an on-demand seniors services platform that helps older adults and their families reduce stress, conserve energy, and live longer and safer lives at home.

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Call 1-833-410-HELP and our Seniors Services Team will sign you up for free.

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Meet your Custodia Helper, and enjoy a friendly chat along with a guaranteed service visit.

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