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Tree and Hedge Trimming Service for Seniors in Canada

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Hedge Maintenance and Tree Trimming Service for Seniors in Canada

For seniors, maintaining the safety and aesthetics of their property is crucial but can be physically demanding. Custodia specializes in providing comprehensive tree and hedge maintenance services tailored for seniors in Canada.

Our expert team skillfully handles tree trimming and removal, ensuring your trees are healthy and risks are minimized. With hedge maintenance, we keep your hedges neat and beautifully shaped, enhancing the overall look of your property.

Our services are designed to relieve seniors from the strenuous tasks of yard upkeep, offering peace of mind and a safer, more attractive outdoor space.

What’s include in the hedge and tree service?

Quick Service
Shaped To Your Liking 
Remove Dead Branches   
Clean Up  and Disposal

Detail-Oriented Approach

Our team of professionals, understanding the unique needs of seniors in Canada, offers meticulous and expert hedge and tree trimming services. We focus on promoting healthy growth while maintaining the desired shape and size of your hedges and trees.

This detail-oriented approach ensures a well-kept, safe, and beautiful outdoor space that seniors can enjoy with ease and comfort.

Here is how we price your hedge and tree trimming?

Estimate the work involved
Measure hedges, bushes, trees other plants that need to be trimmed
Estimate any customized requirements

Customized Service Plans for Seniors in Canada

Understanding the varying needs of senior homeowners, we offer customizable service plans at Custodia. Whether you require a one-time assistance or ongoing maintenance, our packages are tailored to fit your unique requirements and preferences, ensuring your home receives the exact care it needs.

The price for your yard cleanup will include:

Trained and professional workers
Travel, fuel and maintenance costs
All the necessary equipment
All associated materials and supplies

Why Opt for Custodia’s Senior Tree Trimming Services in Canada?

Enhance Your Property’s Beauty and Safety Today. Reach out to us to schedule your service and discover why seniors trust Custodia for all their tree trimming needs!

Tailored Expertise for Senior Tree Care

Experience the beauty and safety of well-maintained trees with Custodia’s specialized tree trimming services designed exclusively for seniors. With no long-term commitments, our dependable support is always at your service.

Seniors-Friendly Pricing

We’re committed to ensuring that tree trimming remains affordable for seniors. Our transparent pricing guarantees quality services within your financial reach, free from any hidden costs or surprises.

Convenient Monthly Payment Options

Simplify your finances with Custodia’s clear-cut monthly payment plans for tree trimming services. Engineered for simplicity, managing your tree upkeep expenses has never been easier.

Secure and Flexible Payment Channels

Select from a variety of secure payment methods including major credit cards, cheque, and Interac, enabling you to conduct transactions safely and conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Healthy Trees in Canada for Senior Comfort

Trust our professional team to understand and address your unique tree trimming needs. From pruning and shaping to tree removal, we deliver personalized services that prioritize your safety and satisfaction.

Your Tree’s Health, Our Commitment

At Custodia, we recognize the importance of well-kept trees. Whether it’s enhancing aesthetics or ensuring tree stability, our dedicated team is here to offer top-notch tree trimming services tailored to your needs.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

As the owner of Home Instead in Mississauga we have cared for literally thousands of seniors in their homes over the past 12+ years. We are always looking for honest reputable organizations to support our clients and help them stay safely at home. I used Custodia at my own home and the entire experience was nothing short of amazing. The entire team was professional and trustworthy and we are now recommending them to our clients. Thank you so much Custodia!!

Greg Bechard

Custodia is doing great things helping seniors live their golden years where they want to be – in their own homes! There is such a big need for reliable, affordable home maintenance services – thanks Custodia for stepping up and bringing seniors peace of mind, and helping them live safely and independently. I have met CEO Geoff Whitlock and believe in his vision and commitment to helping seniors!

D Carver

Custodia blends easy-to-use technology with an excellent service team who really care about people and the work they do. Helped us out immensely in caring for our father’s home to enable him to age in place at 98.

Stephen Rouse

Have contracted with Custodia for my yard work this summer. Painless to set up, including a visit to inspect the job. Quotes provided in timely way. Very pleasant group attended to spruce up the yard – they did a good job and even put the paper yard waste bags tucked in out of the rain till garbage day. A small glitch with etransfer payment was rectified promptly. I expect to expand my contracts with them in future.

Greg Bechard

“I don’t know what I’d do without them!”

Liz. from Toronto
Customer since 2019

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