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Tree and hedge trimming and removal for Seniors

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Hedge and Tree Trimming Service for Seniors

For seniors, maintaining the safety and aesthetics of their property is crucial but can be physically demanding. Custodia specializes in providing comprehensive tree and hedge maintenance services tailored for seniors.

Our expert team skillfully handles tree trimming and removal, ensuring your trees are healthy and risks are minimized. With hedge maintenance, we keep your hedges neat and beautifully shaped, enhancing the overall look of your property.

Our services are designed to relieve seniors from the strenuous tasks of yard upkeep, offering peace of mind and a safer, more attractive outdoor space.

What can you include in the hedge and tree service?

Quick Service Shaped To Your Liking  Remove Dead Branches    Clean Up  and Disposal

Detail-Oriented Approach

Our team of professionals, understanding the unique needs of seniors, offers meticulous and expert hedge and tree trimming services. We focus on promoting healthy growth while maintaining the desired shape and size of your hedges and trees.

This detail-oriented approach ensures a well-kept, safe, and beautiful outdoor space that seniors can enjoy with ease and comfort.

Here is how we price your hedge and tree trimming?

Estimate the work involved
Measure hedges, bushes, trees other plants that need to be trimmed
Estimate any customized requirements

Customized Service Plans

Understanding the varying needs of senior homeowners, we offer customizable service plans at Custodia. Whether you require a one-time assistance or ongoing maintenance, our packages are tailored to fit your unique requirements and preferences, ensuring your home receives the exact care it needs.

The price for your yard cleanup will include:

Trained and professional workers
Travel, fuel and maintenance costs
All the necessary equipment
All associated materials and supplies

Who else wants an automated home management plan?

Bundle the home maintenance you need.
Order once and everything else is automated.
Customized to your specific needs.
Enjoy happy professionals
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