Custodia offers lawn care and maintenance for older adults and their families


Lawn Mowing

At Custodia we take the time to mow your entire lawn with precision, and double check for any missed patches.

Edge Trimming 

We use an edger to make your lawn look sharp, it is important to take care of your lawn’s edges.


Not every lawn needs to be dethatched, but when yours does you can trust Custodia to get your lawn healthy.

Seasonal Yard Clean-Up

Custodia offers extremely reliable lawn care, property maintenance, and household management services for older adults. We also support their families, and other Senior Support Organizations. We deliver our services using our highly trained team of professionals, and provide a safe and reliable network of specialized service providers. Custodia is here to help you live longer at home, without hassle.


Fall Season

We make sure your leaves are properly disposed of, the yard is clear of any waste or debris, clean up dead plants, and sweep up the back deck.


Spring Season

We clean up any fallen leaves from the previous fall, cleanup decks and patios, and sweep around the property so you can begin enjoying your space.


Summer Season

We tend to all your lawn care needs, for special requests or an additional service you can contact us to get a quote at anytime, or through our app.

How We Approach Lawn Care, Ontario

At Custodia we focus on helping older adults maintain a more enjoyable life at home. We take professional care of your yard, so you can spend your time and energy enjoying it. Custodia is trusted by 1000’s of Senior citizens, Senior Support Organizations, and their Families throughout Canada.

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    Mon to Fri 8 AM – 6 PM
    Sat – Sun closed


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