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Grass Cutting and Lawn Care Service For Seniors

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Seniors get our grass cutting service for less!

Maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn effortlessly with our Automated grass cutting and lawn care service, perfect for seniors. Our skilled Helpers will take excellent care of your garden, handling all the necessary tasks like mowing, edging, trimming, and raking.

We customize our lawn care methods to meet your yard’s unique requirements, ensuring it always looks its best. Sit back and enjoy a vibrant, well-kept lawn without the strain of doing the work yourself.

What’s can you include in the grass cutting service?

Automated  Grass cutting  Edge trimming  Mulching  Seeding    Fertilizing    Clean up

Seniors always save on grass cutting when they choose Custodia.

The grass cutting price is based on the size and current condition of your property.

We measure things to be accurate

Measure square footage of your yard
What condition the yard is in
How much soil, fertilizer, and seed do we need?
Customize to your specific needs

Your lawn care price for seniors includes some extras

We include all necessary costs to perform the work you’ve added to your home management plan.

The price of your Lawn Maintenance includes:

Travel, fuel and maintenance costs
All the necessary equipment
All associated materials and supplies

Who else wants an automated home management plan?

Bundle the home maintenance you need.
Order once and everything else is automated.
Customized to your specific needs.
Enjoy happy professionals
One number to call

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Liz. from Toronto
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