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Seniors – Friendly Eavestrough Maintenance Service by Custodia

For seniors, a clean and maintained gutter system is essential for the protection and longevity of your home. Custodia offers meticulous gutter cleaning services to ensure proper water flow and prevent damage. Rest easy with our dependable gutter maintenance, tailored for senior homeowners.

Seniors can count on Custodia for gutter maintenance that safeguards their homes. Our expert gutter cleaning services prevent blockages, protect foundations, and preserve landscapes, ensuring your home stays safe and damage-free.

Enjoy peace of mind, come rain or shine, with Custodia’s reliable gutter care.

What’s can you include in the gutter cleaning service?

Automated Tighten Gutters    Clean Gutters    Clean Downspouts    Clean up Debris  

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Specialized Gutter Cleaning and Seasonal Inspections

Choose Custodia’s comprehensive gutter cleaning service tailored for seniors, where we not only clean the gutters but also ensure downspouts are clear, secure, and functioning optimally for a worry-free, full-service home gutter system maintenance.

How we price gutter cleaning:

Measure linear feet of gutter to be cleaned
Are there repairs that need to be made?
How high are the gutters?

We’re a ‘safety first’ gutter cleaning company

For seniors, gutter cleaning is a task best left to professionals. Custodia’s trained experts use proper tools and safety equipment to perform the job with care and efficiency, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

The price of your gutter cleaning service includes:

Trained, insured, and professional workers
Travel, fuel and maintenance costs
All the necessary equipment
All associated materials and supplies

Who else wants an automated home management plan?

Bundle the home maintenance you need.
Order once and everything else is automated.
Customized to your specific needs.
Enjoy happy professionals
One number to call

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