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Recommended January Home Maintenance

Recommended January Home Maintenance

Recommended January Home Maintenance

January is an important month for Elderable Members, as it marks the first month of a new year. Your stimulus for this January home maintenance is; Refresh, Restart, Rethink. We all go over what happened last year and commit to do it better this coming year.

Estimated time for this maintenance: 3 hours

This months visit covers:

  • Exterior Inspection: Assessment of the external structure and surroundings to ensure safety and security.
  • Basic Appliance and Utilities: Checkup on essential appliances and utilities to guarantee functionality and efficiency.
  • Heating and Venting: Evaluation of heating systems and ventilation to maintain optimal indoor comfort and air quality.
  • Smart Home: Examination of smart home devices and systems for proper operation and integration.
  • General Maintenance: Addressing any general upkeep needs and addressing minor repairs to uphold the overall well-being of the living space.

This January Home Maintenance checklist is for education and entertainment only, if you need assistance, please contact

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