Impressive housing benefits for Toronto seniors

Impressive housing benefits for Toronto seniors

If you’ve ever wondered about Toronto’s housing benefits for seniors, you’re in the right place. There’s more than likely a service appealing to your needs from the striking array of options available.

Concerned about needing health and safety repairs, or even modifications to improve accessibility in your home? The Toronto Renovates program can help.

Don’t fret about the rising need for senior housing; the city is providing funds and incentives to help inspire the creation of new options so it won’t become an issue.

Supportive Housing Services program

Independent living is popular for many seniors wanting to stay in control of their own space. There’s a tremendous community-based service available which helps make this possible.

It states that you’ll either need to be living at or relocate to one of the designated sites to qualify. The list of sites consists of several different buildings and apartments, allowing you to have a private home with the comfort of knowing there’s 24-hour support available for when you may need it.

Services offered:

There’s always a Registered Practical Nurse onsite and lots of other handy services available like assistance with personal care, medications reminders, light meal preparation as well as housekeeping and laundry, security checks and even some attractive benefits like activities and education programs.

Who can apply?

To qualify you must be a tenant in one of the designated buildings and meet a few additional requirements. The ideal part is there’s no service fee, the Local Health Integration Networks fund all of it to make it accessible for you.

If interested, simply contact Housing Connections on 416-397-7400.