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Toronto’s Dental Health provisions for seniors

Toronto’s Dental Health provisions for seniors

Much to the relief of most, the expansion of free dental health care services to low-income seniors has become a focus area of Toronto City’s Public Health.

They now have a wide range of programs, all aiming to help you live serenely while maintaining optimal health.

We know that good oral care is important for our health, but for many, regular dental care might not be affordable.

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If you can’t afford to pay for a dentist and you reside in Toronto, get in touch with one of its Public Health clinics. You might be eligible for free dental care in one of their clinics, which offer various dental services to seniors 65 years and older.

Basic dental services available:

Check-ups, X-rays, cleaning, fillings, select root canal treatments, extractions, emergency dental care (to treat issues like dental pain or cavities) and full or partial dentures (they ask individuals to pay the laboratory cost for dentures).

Who qualifies?

Visit a Toronto Public Health clinic to see if you qualify for their free services, they have a diverse staff that helps determine if you’re eligible. To do this, they require that you bring certain documentation. The type of documentation needed varies depending on your situation, so always ensure you call the clinic first.

If you aren’t eligible for their free services and you can’t afford private insurance, you might qualify for dental care at a low-cost dental facility instead.

If you have difficulty accessing the dental service facilities, there’s also a fully-equipped Mobile Dental Clinic available. It travels to various community agencies across the city to provide you with free dental care services.

For information on accessing their service, you can call 416-338-7600.

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