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Community engagement initiatives for Ontario Seniors

Community engagement initiatives for Ontario Seniors

Looking for new opportunities to learn, have fun or meet new people? These days, seniors are living longer and more actively than they ever have before, with many remaining independent at home and in their communities, thanks to community engagement initiatives.

Opportunities for seniors

Ontario’s Seniors Community Grant Program has said it will be extending and enhancing its support to larger projects that will benefit more seniors in the long run. The program has, since being formed, funded over 1,300 projects in hundreds of communities that have helped more than 435,000 seniors to learn, volunteer and be socially involved in their communities. Read Impressive housing benefits for Toronto seniors.

Engaging through the arts

Did you know, engagement with the arts is known to reduce isolation, promote self-confidence and build a sense of community? Participating in arts activities and art therapy has proven to benefit both physical and mental illnesses associated with aging.

The government has said it will create a fund to support art enrichment for seniors in community settings such Active Living Centres, retirement homes, hospitals, and long-term care homes, as well as the capacity for seniors to engage in arts organizations in their communities.

Help with technology

The Change the World program of Ontario is launching a special project that will link youth volunteers with seniors to help build their understanding and enable their use of technology, which in turn will help reduce social isolation.

Social connectedness is vital to seniors’ health and well-being. Those with close connections and relationships tend to cope better with health conditions and experience fewer mental health issues than those without.

Click here  to can find details on social activities and community engagement initiatives.

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