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Ontario develops seniors active living centres

Ontario develops seniors active living centres

As a senior living in Ontario, you are likely to seldom grow bored. Ontario is now supporting programs at more than 300 Seniors Active Living Centres across the province.

The Ministry of Seniors Affairs has promised us they are committed to promoting age-friendly community-hub development, with programs acknowledging the contribution seniors make, helping keep you healthy and engaged by providing you with a range of social, recreational and wellness programs, as well as educational and support services. Read more about Seniors Active Living services in Toronto.

What does this mean for you?

Centres offer you a range of activities customized to the unique interests and needs of the community you are from, such as fitness classes, healthy lifestyle and wellness classes, social engagement, as well as learning opportunities like financial-management.

Fun Facts

  • Ontario now provides about $14.2 million in annual funding to support the network of more than 300 centres that serve over 100,000 seniors every year.
  • Seniors are the fastest growing age-group of Ontario’s population. As of 2015, it has more people over the age of 65 than those under 15.
  • In addition to the 40 new Seniors Active Living Centres announced, the province promises to fund an additional five centres in the future.
  • New regulations provide these centres with more flexibility to use the resources provided in a way that makes sense for local seniors, also helping to ensure centres spend money wisely and it does not go to waste.

These programs aim at ultimately providing you with opportunities for active and healthy living, social engagement and the chance to learn new things which may interest you.

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