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Tag: Independent Living

Toronto seniors and students’ Home-Share program

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as having too much space. Many of us only realise as we get older that having too much house is not only impractical but lonesome, too. The City of Toronto connects over-housed seniors with under-housed graduate students through a Home-share program, with the help of the…
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Ontario develops seniors active living centres

As a senior living in Ontario, you are likely to seldom grow bored. Ontario is now supporting programs at more than 300 Seniors Active Living Centres across the province. The Ministry of Seniors Affairs has promised us they are committed to promoting age-friendly community-hub development, with programs acknowledging the contribution seniors make, helping keep you…
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City of Toronto May Take Seniors’ Garbage Pails Out For Them For Free

Taking the seniors garbage and recycling to the curb is a big job for many of our customers so you may understand how happy I was when my friend John showed me this service.   Eligible seniors garbage can have the city come to their home, come up to the house and take their garbage out…
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