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Tag: aging

Celebrating Mom – Happy Mother’s Day!

Listen to your mother. Flowers are thoughtful and so are chocolates but what she would really like for Mother’s Day is a gift-wrapped box of relaxation along with some quality family time, minus the planning, cooking and clean up. A day with no demands, distractions or having to organize a thing – or having to…
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Entrepreneurial Spirit Soaring In Their 70s

By Joanne Richard. Entrepreneurial Spirit Soaring In Their 70s – Spring is in sight, and with it comes new energy and opportunities, possibly even a different career path and purpose. While some of us are happy to quietly retire and leave the grind behind, other seniors are finding purpose in launching brand new careers. Studies…
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The Future Of Aging

By Joanne Richard. Aging is sparking innovation. In exploring the future of aging, business leaders and entrepreneurs are strategically adapting their products and services to match the demands of seniors and deliver on unmet needs and consumption habits. Empathy and wellness are driving designs for the ever-growing population of older adults – the 60+ global…
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Regeneration, Not Retirement

By Joanne Richard. Aging isn’t optional, but growing old is, says Chip Conley, mega hospitality entrepreneur and best-selling author, who’s inspiring a new kind of midlife learning and living, and bringing attention to the benefits of rewiring, not retiring for regeneration. Conley, 60, is shifting negative mindsets on aging through his midlife wisdom school, building…
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Rethink Aging With Colin Milner

By Joanne Richard. “Live longer better” is Colin Milner’s motto but to do that we need a seismic shift in how we view the aging population and cater to their needs, prompting us to rethink aging. “The 50+ market now accounts for 70% of disposable income, a number that has grown from 50% twenty years…
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