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Celebrating Mom – Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrating Mom – Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom will love Afternoon Tea at mother's day

Listen to your mother. Flowers are thoughtful and so are chocolates but what she would really like for Mother’s Day is a gift-wrapped box of relaxation along with some quality family time, minus the planning, cooking and clean up.

Mother’s Day flower gift

A day with no demands, distractions or having to organize a thing – or having to fight everyone’s phones for attention. Just take her along for the ride and make wonderful memories together. But first let her sleep in.

Most of us won’t listen as mom swears she doesn’t need a thing but truly this special woman deserves the world – and to be celebrated on Mother’s Day and every day of the year. She’s your best friend, your biggest fan, and greatest supporter.

Moms Are A Busy Bunch

Moms go hard all year nurturing, nudging, listening, loving and cheering us on, While it’s the greatest job in the world, evidently it’s the toughest too with long hours and a never-ending to-do list. According to one study, moms work the equivalent of 2 ½ full time jobs! Basically, 98 hours a week! What other job requires a 14-hour working day, seven days a week?

So it’s not surprise that topping their wish list, according to research, is restorative family time and throw in a few hours of blissful, uninterrupted selfcare to reset and recharge her batteries, aka reading, napping, some Netflix binging, a peaceful walk.

Moms are a busy bunch and it’s not only moms with young kids that go hard – moms with children of all ages, including adult children, are busier than ever, working, volunteering, running households and helping with grandkids so parents can work.

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Applause For Bonus Moms Too

Let’s make noise for wonderful bonus moms too. A special mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt, teacher, friend, neighbour – anyone who has had a hand (and heart) in bringing you up, and being part or your ongoing story. Mothering requires love, not DNA.

So show her extra love for all she does on May 12. A phone call for sure. More calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. It’s also the third busiest flower-giving day and the top dining-out day for restaurants. Mom-osa, mom-tini or mom-garita anyone?

Along with food, gift favourites include gift cards, jewelry and activities, including manicures and pedicures, reports Half of Canadians will make a purchase at least a week before the big day, with 3% leaving it to the day of. A third of Canadians take their gift inspiration from family and friends, along with flyers and social media.

Spoil Mom With Some R&R

We want to inspire you on what to get mom – while she’ll graciously welcome more candles, the best gifts are the simple ones that promote R&R and together time.

boosting mother wellbeing with a massage

Send her to the spa and go with her for some serious unwinding and bonding. Treat her to a renewal day or overnight stay in an oasis of wellness complete with therapeutic treatments and healthy food at Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, ON. Wrap up a gift card and boost her wellbeing with a massage, a soak in healing hydrotherapy pools and the comfiest beds ever. You’ll definitely be her favourite child!

Make plans for high tea. Whether you create the brews and treats yourself and serve them on fancy china, or dress up and visit an official tea house, make memories sipping tea and eating fancy sandwiches. Or how about tee time with a golf lesson or a round of mini golf?

Gift Help For Outdoor Chores

Many hands make light work. Dig in the dirt together and plant a flower or veggie garden – feast on your labour of love later in the summer. Or take a load off her mind and achy back by doing her outdoor chores. Better yet, gift her a subscription to Custodia’s Home Management Plan that takes regular care of her grass, gutters and windows and more. Hire others for her to-dos so all you have to do is relax with mom.

Make her a memory book packed with favourite photos, craft the perfect playlist, get theatre tickets, pack a picnic, buy a family photo shoot. How about a game night with snacks or getting crafty with some Lego? Build the rose bouquet together – no watering required! Most of all, give the present of your presence. That means putting down your phones and making mom the centre of attention, and not letting her lift a finger.

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