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Happy to be working with our first free membership winner

Happy to be working with our first free membership winner

free membership

Today Custodia was in the field for the first time working with our first Silver Membership Winner, Nancy and Guisette.  They are wonderful people who are the first to win a free membership in our Grand Opening Sweepstakes.   We are giving away 5 free memberships between now and July to lucky older adults in the GTA.

Guisette needs some help getting around the house and out to doctors appointments; it’s getting harder for him to walk around so his wife Nancy called us and organized the first visit and a follow up visit early in June.

It was a rewarding day.  Helping them in their time of need really allows us see the core of what Custodia will become first hand.  Understanding the obstacles they face and their unique individual requirements has helped us get a clearer picture of where we can be most useful to the community.

We are grateful to have Nancy and Guisette as our first members at Custodia, and their feedback has been so valuable.

Looking forward to supporting them for many years to come.

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