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Tag: healthy aging

Father’s Day – Help Dad stay Healthy

Father’s Day falls in June which also happens to be Men’s Health Month. It’s the perfect time to celebrate all the amazing dads out there and encourage them to prioritize their health so they live long, vibrant lives for us all to enjoy together. Spending quality time together doesn’t just strengthen relationships, it also enhances…
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Go Outside and Play

Thrill seeker Caroline Paul wants you to keep your foot on the gas and follow her roadmap for aging well. Adventuring outside is a glorious health booster sure to greatly improve our lives and wellbeing well into our golden years. The 60-year-old adventurer is into surfing, mountain biking and piloting experimental gyrocopters (see her fly…
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Entrepreneurial Spirit Soaring In Their 70s

By Joanne Richard. Entrepreneurial Spirit Soaring In Their 70s – Spring is in sight, and with it comes new energy and opportunities, possibly even a different career path and purpose. While some of us are happy to quietly retire and leave the grind behind, other seniors are finding purpose in launching brand new careers. Studies…
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The Future Of Aging

By Joanne Richard. Aging is sparking innovation. In exploring the future of aging, business leaders and entrepreneurs are strategically adapting their products and services to match the demands of seniors and deliver on unmet needs and consumption habits. Empathy and wellness are driving designs for the ever-growing population of older adults – the 60+ global…
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Touch Deprivation And What It Means For The Elderly

By Joanne Richard. As the pandemic lingers, so too the suspicion of touch. Do you flinch when someone reaches out to touch you? Anxious about a spontaneous hug or an encouraging pat on the back? If you’re feeling out of touch, you’re not alone. Eighteen months into the pandemic, and we’ve forsaken casual touch, from…
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