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Seniors Active Living services in Toronto

Summer’s here! Time to get active and Toronto has programs to get you moving. Taking part in social and recreational activities can dramatically improve your overall well-being. The City of Toronto recently announced its partnership with Toronto Community Housing to attain funding towards the development of senior active living centres in the city. Seniors Active…
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Toronto seniors’ access to healthy food

We all know healthy food is best, but not everyone can easily access it. So, in partnership with Toronto Community Housing and FoodShare, the City of Toronto has a plan in place to offer healthy food access initiatives that are accessible to seniors living in social housing. Community Gardens Toronto Community gardens include fruit and…
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Toronto’s senior-friendly outdoor fitness facilities

Exercising is extremely beneficial to your health but having access to appropriate equipment can sometimes be a challenge. For this reason, The City of Toronto is promising it will consider senior-friendly outdoor fitness equipment when designing and refurbishing outdoor parks. Appropriate seating is another very important aspect for seniors who tire more easily and need places to…
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Toronto’s strategy for senior caregivers needs

Sometimes we depend so heavily on our caregivers, we forget you have needs of their own. To combat the issue, Toronto plans to partner with the Province of Ontario to emphasise your fast-growing needs. Policies supporting reduced stays in hospitals and increased premature home care can have negative impacts on caregivers, as patients are moving…
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Ontario develops senior active living centres

As a senior living in Ontario, you are likely to seldom grow bored. Ontario is now supporting programs at more than 300 Seniors Active Living Centres across the province. The Ministry of Seniors Affairs has promised us they are committed to promoting age-friendly community-hub development, with programs acknowledging the contribution seniors make, helping keep you…
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Ontario’s efforts towards protecting vulnerable seniors

We all deserve to feel safe and secure from physical, psychological and financial abuse. Programs and supports across Ontario’s systems of health, social, community, financial and justice are responsible for protecting us from these threats. Efforts guarding vulnerable seniors Ontario’s Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee acts as a public guardian for more than…
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Community engagement initiatives for Ontario Seniors

Looking for new opportunities to learn, have fun or meet new people? These days, seniors are living longer and more actively than they ever have before, with many remaining independent at home and in their communities. Opportunities for seniors Ontario’s Seniors Community Grant Program has said it will be extending and enhancing its support to…
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