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Recommended April Home Maintenance

Recommended April Home Maintenance

Spring is here and the world is brighter and starting to grow. Green is coming back and the rain is coming down. Many things need to be checked and maintained this month. Let’s explain the April home maintenance:

Estimated time for this home maintenance: 3 hours

This months visit covers:

  • Lawn and Garden: Prepare your outdoor spaces by tending to the lawn and garden, ensuring a vibrant and healthy start to the season.
  • Basement Foundation and Draining: Inspect the basement foundation for any potential issues and address drainage to prevent water damage as the rainy season begins.
  • General Maintenance: Perform general upkeep tasks to ensure your home is ready for the changing season, addressing any minor repairs and keeping everything in optimal condition.

Recommended April Home Maintenance

This April Home Maintenance Checklist was developed for education and entertainment only. If you need assistance, please contact

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