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Long term home-care key for Ontario

Long term home-care key for Ontario

Most of us would like to age in place in our home, but our ability to do so safely and independently depends on several factors. According to recent CARP polls, older voters want to hear more before the election on how parties would address key health issues: specifically, long term home-care.

CARP Members Call on Parties to Fix Long Term Home-Care

The first poll, conducted by CARP and AdvantAge Ontario,  revealed a massive 99 percent of respondents said long-term home-care is important in the upcoming election.

The top three most identified issues in long-term care were:

  •    long wait lists
  •    adequate staff levels
  •    local availability of beds

Home Care Poll  found that two-thirds of respondents just aren’t confident that there is adequate, publicly funded, home care and community support.

Toronto seniors’ access to healthy food

Ontario’s action plan

To improve services, reflecting on the changing composition of residents, Ontario has provided a solution called the “Aging with Confidence” Action Plan, including:

  •       Increased home care hours

They will provide 2.6 million additional home care hours this year, including personal support, nursing, physical and speech therapy.

  •    Better access to in-home health care

Expanding the seniors’ house-call program to include additional healthcare providers such as social workers, therapists and nurses, to reduce your need to travel to healthcare providers and stay healthy in the comfort of your own home.

  •    Supporting naturally occurring retirement communities

Continued support for communities promoting social interaction and fighting isolation, such as apartment buildings or housing developments where many seniors already live close to one another.

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Their action plan will allow you to stay in your home longer, enjoying a higher quality of life and a greater level of independence.

To access the services mentioned, contact your local LHIN or call 905-948-1872.

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