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Recommended January Home Maintenance

January is an important month for Elderable Members, as it marks the first month of a new year. Your stimulus for this month’s maintenance is; Refresh, Restart, Rethink. We all go over what happened last year and commit to do it better this coming year. Estimated time for this maintenance: 3 hours This months visit…
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Recommended February Home Maintenance

February can be a dark and dingy month for many people. Winter is in and it’s cold in most areas north of Florida!  A little home maintenance can make February a bright month in you home. Estimated time for this visit: 3 hours This months visit covers:– Pets and Plants– Kitchen Maintenance– Walls and Painting– General…
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Recommended March Home Maintenance

March is a great transition month from winter to spring and opens up a whole new set of maintenance tasks around the home. Estimated time for this visit: 2 hours 30 minutes This months visit covers: – Roof and Exterior Inspection – Appliance and Utilities – Basement and Foundation – General Maintenance  This March Home Maintenance Checklist…
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Recommended April Home Maintenance

Spring is here and the world is brighter and starting to grow. Green is coming back and the rain is coming down. Many things need to be checked and maintained this month. Estimated time for this home maintenance: 3 hours This months visit covers: – Lawn and Garden – Basement Foundation and Draining – General…
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Recommended May Home Maintenance

Spring is in full swing and things are growing all over the place. More time spent in the yard and some key items indoors. Estimated time for this maintenance: 3 hours This months maintenance covers: – Exterior – Smart Home – Lawn and Garden – Water and Plumbing – General Maintenance     This May Service Checklist was…
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Recommended June Home Maintenance

Summer is coming there has never been a better time to get ready.  Here are the recommended home maintenance tasks for June. Estimated time for this maintenance: 3 hours This months maintenance covers:– Appliances and Utilities– Lawn and Garden– Walls and Painting– Air Conditioning and Venting– General Maintenance This May Service Checklist was developed for education and entertainment only. If you…
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City of Toronto May Take A Seniors Garbage Pails Out For Them, For Free

Taking the  garbage and recycling to the curb is a big job for many of our customers so you may understand how happy I was when my friend John showed me this service.   Eligible seniors can have the city come to their home, come up to the house and take their garbage out for them…
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