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Spring Cleaning Makes You And Your Home Healthier

Spring Cleaning Makes You And Your Home Healthier

Spring cleaning

Spring is in the air and the birds, buds and brighter days have us feeling lighter, happier and more optimistic. After a dreary sunless winter, the season bursts with promise of fresh beginnings and renewed energy – you may just be inspired to tackle the dust bunnies that have taken up residence under the couch, and sweep away dirt and debris from the front porch and walkway.

Maintaining a healthy home is good for your mental and physical wellbeing, and makes homes safer. Cluttered houses can be dangerous for seniors, leading to increased risk of falls and other injuries, and it also increases stress and anxiety levels, making it difficult to focus, relax and feel at peace.

Winter buildup can take our homes from cozy to cluttered, and feeling not so clean. Doors and windows have been shut tight and furnaces running nonstop, so dust builds up and air is stagnant. And around the outside there’s likely winter wear and tear, and disrepair too.

“Spring is all about renewal and fresh starts and our home is no different!”

Don’t despair. Spring cleaning our living spaces – inside and out – is a rewarding annual ritual, and with a few TLC tips and help, things can be a lot tidier in no time. Start small and pace yourself. If you need some help, ask for it. While some household tasks are manageable and actually enjoyable, other chores and maintenance work may require getting help from a family member, friend or even a home management company like Custodia.

There are just so many benefits to a well-maintained property. A more tidier space means a calmer mind and you’ll love the home you’re in again. “Spring is all about renewal and fresh starts and our home is no different! After a long winter, creating a sense of order and ease in our home can help everything feel new again,” says psychotherapist Carly Fleming, director of Everwell Integrated Health Professionals at everwellcounselling.ca.

Our environment impacts our mood – “when our surroundings feel chaotic, it can lead to feelings of anxiety and uneasiness. So when we decide to declutter and clean our environment in the spring, it can improve our mood significantly,” says Fleming. Spirits remain brighter beyond the initial cleaning day and, if we make a small effort to keep things tidy in the days that follow, we’ll continue to reap the benefits, she adds.

“Setting realistic goals is the #1 tip for getting our home in order.”

Having our physical space in order provides us with a sense of order and control in a world that can feel very much out of our control. “There are so many elements of life that are not in our control. This is a reality for everyone,” says Fleming, and that can impact our mental health. Spending time and energy bringing order to your physical surroundings can be an important step towards managing anxiety or depression symptoms.

Fleming recommends setting realistic spring cleaning goals and be sure to include a plan for achieving them. “When our goals are too big, it can be almost impossible to make progress which only leads to hopelessness and frustration. Setting realistic goals is the #1 tip for getting our home in order.”

Tackle spring-cleaning tasks

Tidy homes promote independence and feelings of confidence and mental clarity. It improves safety and security, and fosters a lighter mental load. Unload the bigger tasks and repairs – Custodia is like getting help from a friend!

Follow our checklist to ensure peace of mind for you and your special senior.

  • Replace or wash filters
  • Clean the duct work and furnace
  • Cleanup yard and rake leaves
  • Clear out drains and gutters
  • Tend to necessary house repairs
  • Assess tripping hazards (book our Fall Risk Assessment)
  • Add handrails along all steps, and ramps if needed
  • Check home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Switch out old bulbs to LED lighting with higher brightness and even a dimmer switch
  • Get windows cleaned inside and out
  • Take down drapery and give it all a good wash
  • Vacuum up all those dust bunnies – even the ones under the appliances
  • Get carpets cleaned and consider replacing thick throw rugs with low-profile ones
  • Clean the oven
  • Dust ceiling blades and lamp shades
  • Clean the drawers in your fridge
  • Throw out expired food from fridge and cupboards
  • Go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of expired meds

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