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Recommended June Home Maintenance

Recommended June Home Maintenance

Summer is coming there has never been a better time to get ready.  Here are the recommended home maintenance tasks for June. Let’s find out the recommended June home maintenance below:

Estimated time for this maintenance: 3 hours

This months maintenance covers:

  • Appliances and Utilities: Check and ensure the proper functioning of appliances and utilities to handle the increased usage during the summer months.
  • Lawn and Garden: Continue to care for your lawn and garden, watering appropriately and addressing any pest or weed issues.
  • Walls and Painting: Inspect walls for any signs of damage or wear and consider touching up paint where necessary to maintain a fresh appearance.
  • Air Conditioning and Venting: Prepare air conditioning units for heavy usage by cleaning filters, checking for leaks, and ensuring proper ventilation throughout the home.
  • General Maintenance: Perform general upkeep tasks to keep your home functioning smoothly and looking its best as summer approaches.
Home Maintenance Checklist for January

This May Service Checklist was developed for education and entertainment only. If you need assistance, please contact

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