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You can customize a property maintenance plan to suit your home and needs. We can help with the lawn, garden, leaves, snow, trees, gutters, windows, odd jobs, and more!

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Customer Testimonials

“Wonderful, wonderful job that they did. I am very pleased and impressed at the level of care and professionalism. Thank you for helping me remain in my home.”

Catherine from North York

“They were professional. I have since referred them to many of my friends.”

Gina from Etobicoke
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“They worked hard the whole time they were here and did an excellent job. I will recommend very highly to anyone I know who needs help.”

Dianne from Mississauga

Choose your Outside HMP

You must be 60 years of age or older to qualify for our program.



starting per month

  • Lawn Cutting 2x/mth
  • Trimming The Edges
  • Collect Lawn Clippings
  • Fall Yard Cleanup
  • Unlimited Snow Removal
  • On call for anything


starting per month

  • Everything in Outside Plus
  • Gutter Cleaning 1x/yrly
  • Exterior Window Washing 1x/yrly

On-demand service is available! Call now: 1-833-410-HELP (4357)

Older adults get property maintenance help

The Outside Home Management Plan can be customized to your needs

Lawn Maintenance

Our ‘no-frills’ lawn maintenance service covers cutting the lawn, trimming the edges, sweeping or blowing the driveway, and cleaning up afterward.

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Spring and Fall Yard Cleanups

Yard cleanups cover raking up leaves, bundling sticks, trimming hedges, overseeding, and much more.

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Snow And Ice Removal

Snow shoveling starts at 5 CM of accumulation and goes out automatically. Can be timed with medical appointments and can be upgraded to include deicing visits.

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Gutter Cleaning And Maintenance

Once or twice a year a home needs to have the gutters cleaned and inspected. Seniors get great prices on gutter cleaning.

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Window And Sill Washing

Let the light shine in! Window washing does not have to be a luxury. Include it in your low monthly Outside HMP and make the home a more enjoyable place to live.

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Hedge and Shrub Maintenance

Hedge and shrub maintenance include an assessment of the area, municipal permits if needed, safe cutting, and cleanup afterward.

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Reduce stress and conserve energy with an automated Custodia HMP.

We were built to serve older adults, their families, and the organizations that serve them.



Your Concierge is there to take your request via phone or app 24/7. Call or text the hotline at 1-833-410-4357.



You are free to make changes, pause or cancel your HMP at any time. If circumstances change you are free as a bird.



No more calling 10-15 people for help. No more scammers. One reliable, trusted, and insured source. Satisfaction guaranteed.