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Cannabis Effects On Seniors

Cannabis Effects On Seniors

Now that it’s legal, are you going to try it? What you need to know about Cannabis effects on seniors?

A few tidbits from the past week or so…

Do you know enough about Cannabis and it’s effects on you as you age? There are some interesting studies done that outline what it does and how it can effect you. There is an extensive guide we like on, and a very interesting look at the impact of marijuana legalization on our older generation on ComfortLife ca.

Get to know about the future of aging.

Who else wants to live long and stay healthy?

There have been countless studies over the years around healthy aging.  But even as fads come and go, one thing keeps popping to the top of the list; OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids and their effects on our health over time. According to a new study in the British Medical Journal OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids are one of the worst kept secrets to a long and healthy life.  Why don’t more people do what’s good for them?

Learn about tax credits, benefits and other government financial assistance

If you don’t know already, there is one page on the governments website that allows you to learn about available tax credits, benefits and government pensions available for Seniors in Ontario, including Veterans.  Take a look, they seem update it regularly.

The March of Dimes Ontario will help eligible seniors modify their homes to be safer and more accessible

If you know someone who has an illness that makes it hard to use their home or vehicle, they may be eligible for up to $15,000 of funding. Not everyone qualifies, but this could be a life-saver for the right person.

Real bombs mailed to some well known Democrats across the USA

It’s just like it would go down in a movie, but unfortunately, it’s real. Robert Di Niro and Joe Biden  where targeted ahead of US mid term elections. Major names getting mailed bombs via US Postal Service.  Scary to think that they would even get close to the door let alone past postal screening. Just a day ago, Barak Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton where also targeted with pipe bombs sent through the mail.

In case you’re still wondering who won the local elections in Ontario

Matchups across Ontario took place this week, with some surprising wins like Patrick Brown in Brampton and other triumphs over controversial long standing councilors like Giorgio Mammoliti. Here is a complete list of the wins across Ontario cities.

That’s all for now…

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