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Keeping Seniors & Members Safe | Custodia COVID-19 Work Day Policy

Keeping Seniors & Members Safe | Custodia COVID-19 Work Day Policy

Custodia's COVID-19 Workday Policy - Keeping Seniors Safe

COVID-19 Work Day Policy Procedure:

  1. Report symptoms 12 hours before work shifts if possible so the Hotline can help to rebook customers if necessary
  2. Report body temperature immediately before work shifts (optional at this time)
  3. Wipe down inside of the truck with disinfectant before work shift and follow truck opening procedures
  4. Wear masks during in-person time with, or inside work for seniors
  5. If you see or speak to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms ask them to take the self assessment or if serious, call 911
  6. Wash your hands for 20 seconds at every opportunity. In our business, outside hoses are readily available so make sure there is soap in your truck 
  7. Wipe down the inside of the truck with disinfectant after work shift and follow truck closing procedure
  8. If you worked inside, remove your work clothes layer and place in bag take home to wash.
  9. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with outside hose before leaving work

Information Facilitation

  • Stay informed of COVID-19 updates and guidance from the World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada, and provincial and local public health agencies. Custodia’s responses will be based on the current scientific understanding of COVID-19 and official guidance, which may change rapidly.
  • We will to inform employees and franchisees of, and encourage them to follow, simple health protocols in the workplace such as proper hand washing techniques, proper cough and sneeze etiquette, and to refrain from shaking hands or coming into close contact with others. 

Workplace Sanitization

  • Hygienic products are available for employees, including alcohol-based sanitizer spray and disposable gloves and masks. Franchisees are responsible for attaining their PPE .
  • Extra uniforms are made available to employees. Franchisees are responsible for purchasing their uniforms
  • Everyone is responsible to increase cleaning operations in the workplace, particularly in common areas and concerning surfaces (counters, door handles, etc.).

Social Distancing Measures

  • Allow and encourage employees to work from home if possible.
  • For the time being, avoid close contact with one another. Consider increasing the distance between desks and workstations as well as employees and customers, or implementing physical barriers.
  • If you have two employees or service providers in one truck, ensure neither has COVID-19 symptoms
  • You can wear masks in the truck if available – (prioritize masks for healthcare workers)
  • Refrain from allowing visitors into the workplace or trucks
  • Refrain from organizing any internal or external meetings or gatherings, where possible.
  • 100% of Custodia meetings and training will be held virtually using Zoom Meeting or Google Hangouts
  • We require employees to stay home if they feel sick or come down with any of the COVID-19 symptoms and to call their public health authority. Employees who have displayed symptoms are not allowed to return to the workplace until they have been medically cleared by a physician.

Sick Leave Policy

  • Our sick leave policies are consistent with public health guidance and do not serve as a significant deterrent to employees calling-in sick (e.g. by requiring a medical note, if permitted by law, for employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19). If you’re sick, don’t come to work.

Taking Employees’ Temperatures as a Screening Mechanism (optional)

Some franchise systems across Canada have started to implement temperature screening prior to allowing an employee access to the office or a worksite. Custodia believes it is imperative that we check temperatures of employees prior to working inside with vulnerable seniors. This is not yet mandatory in our FDD but is highly encouraged as we help to battle this pandemic.

Health Canada: Given the nature of COVID-19 policy and infection rates across Canada, it is arguable that, in certain workplaces, temperature checks may be a reasonable screening mechanism in the circumstances.

Read about Uncertainty During COVID-19

However, franchisees should be mindful of the following COVID-19 work day policy:

  1. Any checks should be conducted using the least intrusive methods available (e.g. non-contact infrared thermometers vs. contact thermometers).
  2. Advance written notice to workers of the temperature check requirement would need to be provided, including the means by which the check will be conducted and that the purpose (i.e. to promote a safe workplace and help reduce the spread of COVID-19).
  3. Medical advice may need to be obtained with respect to what body temperatures are of concern. 
  4. Records of individuals who test within ordinary temperature ranges (as determined by a medical expert) should not be retained by the employer.
  5. Individuals who test at or above a level that concerns a medical expert should not be allowed access to the workplace, but rather be discreetly asked to leave the office and to seek medical advice.



This policy was adapted from the Government of Canada’s guidelines available on the Health Canada website.



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