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5 indoor activities for seniors

5 indoor activities for seniors

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Indoor activities for seniors are important, especially in autumn and winter months, when the weather is typically cold and rainy. So make the most of your time indoors with these 5 autumn activities you can do around the house.

1. Play Mobile Games

A new trend boosting the wellbeing for seniors is digital and mobile games! That’s right, a recent study by North Carolina State University found that seniors who actively played digital games reported better feelings of well being than seniors who don’t play digital games. Digital games also happen to be excellent indoor activities for seniors.

In addition, the study found that seniors who play digital games are less likely to feel depressed, and also reported higher levels of social functioning. Become a mobile gamer, use your mobile device to download a few games and try them out. Don’t worry if you do not enjoy the game, after trying it out you can always uninstall the game and try another. Your favorite mobile game is waiting for you to discover it!

Play Words with Friends

Word with friends is a fun mobile game that can be played with friends and family. It is available for Android devices in Google’s play store or on IOS devices in Apple’s app store. Download words with friends to challenge your friends and family to a digital version of Scrabble!

Play 2048

2048 is an interactive number puzzle created by Gabriele Cirulli in 2014, and it is incredibly simple – yet satisfying to play. The objective is to swipe numbered tiles together, adding their values to reach a total of 2048. Also available for Android devices in Google’s play store or on IOS devices in Apple’s app store.

2. Practice Indoor Tai Chi

Tai Chi promotes balance, and has been proven to lead to better sleep and clearer cognition. It involves slow performed movements while standing, and can be a powerful fall prevention exercise if performed safely.

Learn Tai Chi

Tai Chi is practiced all over the globe. Someone in your social circle may know Tai Chi, and be able to teach you. Or you can learn online by watching tutorial videos on YouTube. Get started learning Tai Chi by watching this 5 minute video for beginners, and try your best to follow along. Watch a Video Tutorial on YouTube

3. Create A Gratitude Wall

Did you know that showing gratitude has scientifically shown to reduce stress and encourage a more rested sleep? Building a gratitude wall is a simple and cost effective way to show a little bit of gratitude each day. Start by putting up a large sheet of paper on the wall in your living room, and write down what you are grateful for. Don’t forget to encourage any friends or family in your social circle to do the same when they come to visit.

Need Gratitude Wall Ideas?

Take a look at this amazing collection of gratitude wall images by Jill Schoenherr on Pinterest. Get Inspired with Gratitude Wall Ideas.

4. Make Art Pumpkins

As fun as it is, pumpkin carving can be dangerous. According to UPI’s Health News, over 3000 people in the U.S were injured carving pumpkins in 2017. In an academy news release, Dr. L. Reid Boyce Nichols, spokesman for the AAOS stated “Pumpkin carving is a fun activity, but it can result in serious cuts on the hand and injuries to bones and tendons,”.

With this in mind, you should ditch the dangerous knives this fall, and pick up a paint brush and some art supplies instead. Painting and creating art has been shown to increase resistance to stress in adults over 65, and most importantly artistic and creative exercises are fun indoor activities for seniors. So use your imagination and have fun, and if you get stuck, just head over to Pinterest to get inspired by 100s of painted pumpkin ideas! 

Art Pumpkin Ideas

Check out this creative collection of painted pumpkins by Debby Peery on Pinterest. Get Creative with Painted Pumpkin Ideas.

5. Watch a Scary Classic Movie

According to Psychology Today, nostalgia is a positive emotion, and has the ability to uplift your mood. Nostalgia can also increase a sense of meaning in your life, and boost self-esteem. Watching a classic scary movie is a perfect way to get nostalgic during the fall and winter months, and the best part is you can enjoy a movie alone or in the company of your friends and family.

Get the projector out, and hit the lights. Try revisiting some nostalgic classic movies like Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Anthony Perkin’s Murder on the Orient Express, or re-watch some Twilight Zone episodes.

Try a Streaming Service

If you don’t subscribe to one already, try out a reputable streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, or Hulu. Each service has 1000s of TV shows and Movies that are available for you to watch 24/7.

infographic for activities for seniors

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