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How Often to Clean Windows Outside

How Often to Clean Windows Outside

Guide on How Often to Clean Windows Outside

We think of cleaning our indoor windows all the time, but do you ever remember to clean the outside windows of your home? Exterior windows outside that are thoroughly cleaned and maintained will improve the property’s look, and can also impact your health and well-being immensely. 

But, determining when to schedule building window cleaning is not always so simple. When is it time for the cleaning supplies to come out and tackle those outdoor panes? Today, we are going to explain the considerations that go into deciding how often to clean windows outside. 

First of All, Why Should You Clean Your Windows Outside?

There’s quite a few good reasons that you’d want to clean your windows outside other than that you just want them to look nice and shiny. 

For starters, cleaning the windows on their exterior side can help to give them a longer lifespan. This is because a thorough cleaning will get rid of dirt and gunk that could potentially cause damage over time. 

house in front of pool and describing Should You Clean Your Windows Outside

On the other hand, having spotless windows will also enable more natural sunlight, which is also good for your mental health, particularly during the colder months or if you live far up North. 

And maybe even more importantly, dirty windows on the outside of your home can also mean a health hazard. The more the dirt, dust, and allergens accumulate in the interiors, the worse your allergies and respiratory problems will be. 

Factors Affecting Cleaning Frequency

So, we hope we’ve already convinced you of the importance of taking care of the outside of your windows, too. But before you do anything else, consider the different factors that might affect the amount of dirt that might stain your windows:

  • The weather conditions in your area.
  • The traffic around your home.
  • Seasonal changes.

All of these factors will contribute to the frequency of your window cleaning. For example, more dirt or pollen presence, or more trees in a particular area, will mean that you’ll need to clean your windows often. 

Bad weather, such as raining time or snow falling, can strongly boost the amount of grime your windows accumulate. And the same happens in areas of high pollution or new construction nearby: you may need to clean them more frequently, no matter how careful you are. 

A female is cleaning the window inside,
Shows Factors Affecting Cleaning Frequency

The list can go on and on: and failure to account for these variables ultimately does not bode well for your windows’ longevity. So, be sure to tweak your cleaning schedule based on where you are and what exactly nature brings to your doorstep.

How Often to Clean Residential Windows Outside?

Provided you live in a relatively average area in terms of the dirt on the streets, and ambient factors, we recommend cleaning residential windows at least twice a year to keep them looking good and protected for the long-term. 

However, as we mentioned in the last section, you’ll need to consider things like your local weather conditions, such as high volumes of rain and snow, or high pollen count areas, as these can leave water spots and grime on your windows. 

How do you clean them when necessary, then? Here’s a simple step by step process you can follow:

1- Gather your supplies

To begin the cleanup, you should first gather all the instruments you’ll need. Essentially, this will probably include a bucket, squeegee, and micro-fiber cloth or a piece of newspaper.

You’ll also want a mild detergent or window cleaner, and possibly a ladder if you have some high windows. 

2- Start with an exterior rinse

With the help of a hose or a pressure washer (set to low, of course), you’ll be able to easily remove any loose dirt and rubbish from the outside of your windows. This will make the rest of the process way easier.

3- Mix your cleaning solution

Once the exterior of your windows is nice and wet, create a cleaning solution with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent (or window cleaner) in a bucket. 

Just a small caveat here: do not use hard chemicals because they might damage the glass. Use your own judgment here.

4- Apply the solution all over your windows

Start at the top of the window and pull down straight to the complete bottom, preferably by using a squeegee. If you clean them in this direction, you will prevent streaks from forming as well. 

5- Squeegee away any remaining liquid

Once you have wiped the cleaning solution off the window, use the squeegee to dry the window of any excess liquid. And after every swipe of the squeegee blade, wipe it with a cloth to keep from spreading dirt and debris all over the place.

Squeegee away with liquid

6- Dry the glass with a lint-free microfiber cloth or newspaper

The next step would be to wipe off the excess water with a dry microfiber clean cloth or crumpled newspaper to avoid streaks and get a shiner finish. These are great at absorbing water and leave no lint behind, so they should be your first choice.

7- Clean unreachable places with a ladder

If you have windows which are higher up, you might want to invest in a good ladder to be able to reach and clean them safely. 

Of course, this is the part of the process where things can get tricky quite fast. Try to observe all ladder safety guidelines and even consider getting professional help if you need it. 

8- Keep your window frames in mind

Don’t forget to clean the window frame, in addition to cleaning the glass pane. Most people completely neglect this part of their window; but over time they can get filthy, so be sure to clean them with the cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. 

9- Optional: use a chemical free or natural alternative

If you are particular about using natural products or sensitive to chemicals, there are several alternatives to cleaning windows. Common options include vinegar and water, lemon juice, or rubbing alcohol and water.

Do My Cleaning Habits Need to Change With the Seasons?

As you might imagine, different seasons require different cleaning habits. Here’s how to change your window cleaning routine from season to season in Canada.

  • During the warmer months, pollen and dust can take a toll on the cleanliness of the windows. Make sure to take care of them more often to help prevent buildup and keep your windows looking great.
  • As colder weather sets in, it may be best to wash windows with warm water to prevent stains and to make your life easier in general. You might even avoid breaking your glass if outside temperatures are really low.
  • Use a squeegee to dry your windows in colder seasons instead of paper towels or a cloth. It is non-linting and non-streaking, leaving no marks. 
  • Direct sunlight can leave patches and make truly clean areas less visible, something that will be more of a problem during summer months. So, make sure to avoid it as much as possible.

Professional Vs. DIY Cleaning: How Should I Clean My Windows Outside?

If your windows are dull and grimy, and you think it’s time to clean them… but a part of you hates the idea of spending a lot of time and energy taking care of them… Don’t worry, we completely get it.

So, if you have some outside window cleaning to be done, Custodia will take care of it. With the help of today’s best of the best technology and practices, our team will do everything to get your windows as clear and shiny as possible, so you never have to worry about it ever again. 

Imagine it — Clear blue skies without having to lift a single finge. Enjoy clean windows with Custodia so you can use your time and energy someplace else. 

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