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Expansion of Toronto’s Community Paramedicine programs

Expansion of Toronto’s Community Paramedicine programs

The expansion and development of Toronto Paramedic Services will assist in reducing the number of emergency calls made by the age-group known as “frequent callers”, resulting in ambulances making fewer trips and fewer beds being occupied in the emergency department. This will allow services to be more efficient when you or others are in a time of crisis. Not everyone has emergency supports they can count on. Toronto aims to solve that by expanding its Community Paramedicine programs to better support seniors, allowing them peace of mind.

What do the programs involve?

Specially trained paramedics work through Toronto Paramedic Services to make scheduled house calls to those seniors who’ve had three or more 911 calls in the previous 12 months for less-important issues. They perform non-emergency care, such as bedside bloodwork and help with medications.

To help improve on the often-unmet needs of seniors, community paramedics also refer and connect you to other primary, home, and community care support services to better meet your needs.

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How to Benefit:

Eligible patients must be Toronto residents 65 and older. They must consent to participate in the program and be identified by Toronto Paramedic Services 911 dispatch data as a high-risk caller due to making either:

  • Three or more calls in the past 12 months for breathing complaints, chest pain, falls or a general illness complaint.
  • Four or more calls in the past 12 months for any reason.

Ultimately, these programs aim to keep you safe, secure, and independent in your own home. If you’d like more information, contact Michael Roffey from Toronto Paramedic Services by email at or phone 416-433-6860.

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