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Eco-Friendly Methods to Keep Your Home Clean In Canada

Eco-Friendly Methods to Keep Your Home Clean In Canada

Tips on Eco-friendly home cleaning

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves eco-friendly practices to keep your home fresh and clean. However, it should not destroy the environment. By reducing carbon footprints and providing a healthy living place for you and your family, an ecological way of cleaning saves the environment. Every job like window cleaning, yard cleanups, or gutter maintenance has its ecologically friendly method which can be used. Below is a list of eco-friendly cleaning tips to ensure your house stays beautiful while saving the planet.

Starting Your Eco-Friendly Cleaning Journey

Eco-friendly cleaning leads to better and healthier lives for yourself and your loved ones. Even small things like honey body wash, whole systems waste recycling or biodegradable detergent can go a long way.  For instance, instead of using disposable wipes use reusable microfiber cloths which reduce waste and also allow effective cleaning. Additionally, choose products made from plant extracts rather than those containing chemicals for good indoor air quality as far as your family’s health is concerned. Let’s talk about some specific pointers on how cleanliness can be maintained in maintaining a green home.

Natural Cleaning Solutions for Indoors In Canada

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda: The Dynamic Duo

Vinegar and baking soda Make the best environment-friendly cleaning solution. Every home has these two ingredients and they will work on anything, from kitchen tops to bathroom tiles.

  • For kitchen surfaces: Mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar into a spray bottle and clean it to clean kitchen surfaces. Excellent on various kitchen surfaces. Vinegar—The acidic nature penetrates the dirt and grease, while simultaneously having antibacterial properties to kill off any hidden bacteria.
  • For clogged drains: 1/2 cup of vinegar should be used right after pouring 1/2 cup of baking soda into the drain.  Leave it for 15 minutes, and finally, run hot water into the drain to keep minor clogs away and clean, turning drains into an incense stick.
Guide on Natural cleaning tips
Natural Cleaning Tips

2. Lemon Juice: Nature’s Disinfectant

Acidic powerful natural cleanser lemon juice with a pleasing fragrance that disinfectant which is used to deodorise many surfaces. 

  • Cutting boards: Place salt on a cutting board, cut a lemon in half, and rub it; if you want to, after that use hot water over it to remove any coating or bacteria left.
  • For microwave cleaning: When cleaning your microwave simply put some slices of lemons into a microwave-safe bowl filled with water, then heat them on high for about 3 min., and finally wipe the inside with a damp cloth. It will help you get rid of dirt while at the same time refreshing your microwave through steam that comes from lemon.

3. Essential Oils: Adding Freshness Naturally

Not only do essential oils smell good, they also contain natural antiseptic properties. Thus they could be added to cleaning solutions that will make them better and your place fragrant.

  • For general cleaning: Fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar then add approximately 10-15 droplets of essential oil such as lavender, tea tree, or eucalyptus. Clean surfaces in your house with this solution.
  • For air freshening: You should thus mix some water with several drops of your best essential oil in a spray bottle and then apply it around your home. It would also give curtains as well as upholstery some pleasant smell when sprayed on them too for an extra boost.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Cleaning Tips

1. Window Cleaning with a Twist

Ensure there is enough light in your home by cleaning the windows regularly. Avoid using toxic commercial window cleaners. There are other simply more environmentally friendly options.

  • DIY window cleaner: Just add two parts water to one part white vinegar in a spray bottle. Once sprayed on glass, dry it out either using crumpled old newspapers or a reusable microfiber cloth. This simple formula cleans better without residue hence being more considerate about our planet!

2. Sustainable Yard Cleanup

Properly maintained yards are not just places to relax but also enhance the beauty of a home. Below are some eco-friendly suggestions for your yard cleanup:

  • Natural weed control: Instead of using herbicides or other poisonous chemical substances to control weeds, people can decide to use boiling water or vinegar-salt solution— natural weed killers. Place these solutions in specific areas to avoid harming plants.
  • Composting: Instead of disposing of yard wastes, start composting. For instance, when leaves are mixed with grass clippings or other organic matter such as kitchen waste etc., it results in fertile soil good for gardening.
Guide on Outdoor Cleaning tips
Outdoor Cleaning Tips

3. Gutter Cleaning the Green Way

Prevent water damage and keep your home in good condition through regular cleaning of gutters. Although, conventional methods of gutter cleaning can damage the environment.

  • Eco-friendly gutter cleaning: Avoid using chemicals to clean gutters; instead one should remove debris manually before hosing the gutters. This entails putting guards on gutters that will cause less dirt buildup hence reducing frequent cleaning. Consequently, aside from environmental protection, this method also increases the lifespan of your gutters.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tools and Practices

1. Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloth is an eco-friendly choice. They are highly absorbent, reusable, and effective at trapping dust particles.

  • Usage: These rags are mainly for wiping surfaces, dusting, or washing windows due to their reusability that allows multiple washings—hence reducing wastage, which ultimately saves costs in the long run.

2. Energy-Efficient Appliances

To reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, invest in cleaning equipment that saves energy.

  • Vacuum cleaners: Have HEPA filters on your vacuum cleaner if possible as they improve indoor air quality by reducing allergens thus richening the vacuuming service. Also, energy-efficient models consume less power while lasting longer. 
  • Washing machines and dishwashers: Opt for appliances that have an Energy Star rating as they use water and electricity. Running these appliances at capacity with eco-detergents can enhance their efficiency.

3. Reusable Cleaning Supplies

One easy but effective way to reduce waste is through the use of reusable cleaning supplies.

  • Mops and dusters: Use mops and dusters that have washable or replaceable heads. This way there is no need for disposable cleaning products and it proves cheaper in the long term.
  • Cleaning pads: Try using reusable pads for cleaning instead of those used only once. These pads can be washed repeatedly and then reused regularly at a small cost thereby minimizing wastage as well as saving money.

Local Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

1. Local Resources and Services

Taking advantage of local resources and services may enable you to maintain an ecologically safe cleaning routine while supporting your community

  • Local cleaning product stores: Various local stores have eco-friendly products made from natural ingredients that they have produced themselves. Your support in this way helps them to minimize their carbon footprint alongside encouraging sustainability in your community.
  • Community composting programs: One is advised to join local organic waste recycling programs. Most cities have various municipal composting options like curbside compost pickup and community composting sites, especially in urban areas.

2. Custodia’s Eco-Friendly Services

Eco-friendly home management services are what we provide at Custodia, derived from our own principles of sustainability and community support. These include:

  • Yard cleanup service: Our team maintains your yard using eco-friendly practices like putting it in a compost bin or using natural weed control methods.
  • Gutter cleaning: We use eco-friendly techniques for clearing the eavestroughs of your house thus preventing the destruction of aeration that would have been caused by water.
  • Siding cleaning: Using eco-friendly siding cleaning solutions that decompose fast saves you money on cosmetics for your house while ensuring that the environment is not polluted with harsh chemicals.


Eco-friendly cleaning is not just about going with trends rather it’s a way to maintain cleanliness in homes responsibly. It is through adopting these practices that you will ensure yourself and future generations healthier living conditions. At Custodia, our commitment involves supporting you in creating an immaculate and green home through various services available. Ranging from yard clean-ups, and gutter washing to any other home care services we have eco-friendly solutions at hand for all of them.
Keeping your home clean does not have to compromise its sustainability. You can achieve this by using natural cleaning products, purchasing reusable equipment, and taking advantage of community facilities. Trust Custodia to help you maintain your home clean and eco-friendly so that you can live comfortably without relying on anyone else for help. Call us now for more details!

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