Custodia offers all season interior painting service

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Indoor Painting

Custodia is here to take care of your indoor painting needs. Whether it be one wall, one room, or a whole big job, we will get the painting done for you! 

Paint the house or paint a room!

We can help you paint your entire home or just the rooms and areas you need to make your home a more comfortable place to live.

Touch Ups and Accents

Custodia is here to help with even the smallest of paint jobs. Whether it be touching up some scuffs, or painting the front door a new colour, Custodia has your back! 

Professional House Painting Service

Wherever there is paint in a home, there is always a need for maintenance. Sometimes that maintenance can be as small as fixing some chipped paint, or it can be as big as changing the colour of your living room. These tasks can be very daunting to do on your own. That’s why, whatever the job, Custodia has the proper equipment and technique to get the job done beautifully and safely. 

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How We Approach House Painting

Our objective is to support homeowners so they can live more comfortable lives at home. First, get in touch with our 5 star support team. Then relax as our professionals paint the interior of your home. Custodia is trusted accross Ontario because of our honest work, reputation, and integrity. With Custodia, you are free to focus on what matters most.

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Custodia’s House Painting Services

At Custodia, we have five star professionals who will take expert care when painting in our outside your home. Whatever your painting needs are, call Custodia for 5-star service!

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