Seniors! Live Longer At Home

City of Toronto May Take A Seniors Garbage Pails Out For Them, For Free

Taking the  garbage and recycling to the curb is a big job for many of our customers so you may understand how happy I was when my friend John showed me this service.   Eligible seniors can have the city come to their home, come up to the house and take their garbage out for them…
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Custodia is growing its team to help more seniors than ever!

Custodia Seniors Support anticipates demand to triple for its seniors-focused services in 2019 Since opening our doors in June 2017, Custodia is experiencing an unrivaled demand for our seniors-focused services help keep seniors where they want to be – aging comfortably in their homes. Growing from zero to almost 200 seniors served in the first six months is…
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Why Custodia and why now?

On a long drive to my mom’s to help her fix a few things around the house, I yearned for someone to call. I needed someone to help my mom with all of the little things she needed around the house when I was not available. She didn’t need health care, she just needed help…
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