Staying at home is now less stressful

We are making staying at home more practical, more comfortable, and less stressfull on seniors, their families, and their local support systems. The time has finally come.

Smart ideas, trusted services, time well spent

Get A Smart Home Management Plan

A plan that gets to know the people and their home then recommends what needs to be done.

Instant Access To Trusted Services

Simple access to friendly trusted and trained services that seniors need over the years.

Earn Points Build Your Home Score

The Custodia Home Score helps you create a safer and more enjoyable aging experience.

Spend quality time with seniors you love

Endless ideas covering health, wellness, and maintenance items catered to you and the senior you love. Custodia continually refines each aging in place plan so seniors can live longer at home, where they want to be.

Conserve energy and get it all in one place

Use your valuable energy for family and friends and not for managing your home. Know what to do and connect to those who can help with one tap.

Some Popular Features

A smart & personal aging in place plan

Know exactly what you can do and when the help is needed.

Request anything seniors need

Connect to trusted products, information, and service providers.

Earn points and for completing items 

Track the Home Score to create a safe and comfortable environment.

Learn how to do it on your own

Learn more by reading, watching, and following along step by step.

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