Custodia offers professional yard clean up, leaf raking, debris clearing, and tree trimming for older adults and their families.

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Leaf Raking

First, Custodia clears all the fallen leaves around your property with a leaf blower, then we rake them into a pile, and put them in compost bags to drop at the dump.

Debris Clearing

Then, we clear your driveway, sidewalk, stairs, porches, and yard from other debris like twigs, fallen branches, pinecones, crab-apples, etc. 

Garbage Removal

Lastly, we clean your property grounds of any garbage or recycling. Throughout the year, wind can blow trash into hard to reach areas, so we take care of it for you. 

Professional Yard Clean Up

At Custodia, we clean up any and all debris, leaves, and garbage that may be scattered around the yard. We remove these items so that your lawn, flower beds, and plants have access to the essentials. All plant life needs air, sun, and water to thrive.

Fall Lawn Fertilizing

Although lawn growth slows down a lot during the winter, there is still some small growth. Make sure you take care of fertilizing so your grass will be an even height in the spring. If each blade has equal access to the sun and other nutrients it will result in a gorgeous looking lawn. Book your seasonal overgrown lawn maintenance service now!

How We Approach Residential Yard Clean Ups

At Custodia, our mission is to help you live more enjoyably at home. Our top rated professionals maintain your yard, allowing you to relax. Custodia is the first choice for people across Ontario, Canada.

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