Why Custodia and why now?

Why Custodia and why now?

On a long drive to my mom’s to help her fix a few things around the house, I yearned for someone to call. I needed someone to help my mom with all of the little things she needed around the house when I was not available. She didn’t need health care, she just needed help with the little stuff that she used to do on her own.

As I drove into the afternoon I thought there must have been millions and millions of people like my mom and me. Who could we rely on to help our parents age in place when they don’t need healthcare?

Like most seniors, she is on a fixed income, and it was near-impossible for her to afford regular service, and she could never keep in touch with reliable people who help for a good price over the years. This caused her stress because she had no idea who to call for help when it was needed.

I needed something that would help me understand what needed to get done and give me access to people to do it. She could not remember 15 people and didn’t want any contractors she didn’t know or trust. There are so many stories these days… Seniors being taken advantage of when they should be being taken care of.

Things need to change.

The systems to serve seniors are disjointed and inefficient. So many layers and ideas on what’s right and how it should be done.

The fact is, it needed a rethink.