Help with tree and hedge trimming and removal for older adults in Ancaster-Dundas.

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Tree and Hedge Trimming

Trimming improves the health of trees and hedges, helping them retain their desired appearance. It can also keep branches away from blocking the windows. We will always assess the health of a tree before trimming it. 

Branch Clearing

Large dead branches can be a hidden health and safety risk. So we make sure to remove any and all unhealthy limbs, giving you peace of mind.

Small Tree Removal

Damage and disease can turn some trees into a liability. This is why Custodia Ancaster-Dundas securely and efficiently removes trees that have become unsafe.

Small Tree Removal

Look for these signs as an indicator it may be time to remove a tree: heaving soil at the base of the trunk and beneath the canopy, or decay-producing fungi – like mushrooms – growing at the base of the trunk. Chipped or peeling bark as well as cracks and cavities in the trunk can also be a bad sign. If you see any dead branches or and fine twigs without living buds near the ends of the branch, let Custodia know. We can assess the tree from there. 

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Custodia Ancaster-Dundas’ Tree Trimming Services

How to know when it’s time to have your trees and hedges trimmed? For aesthetic purposes, you want any ornamental trees or gedges to be shaped at least every three years. If trees are non-ornamental, look out for dead, loose branches, branches touching your home, or anything else unsightly. Custodia will take care of all those concerns. 

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How We Approach Tree Trimming and Removal

Our mission is to help older adults live longer, more comfortable lives at home. Get in touch with our top rated professionals, then sit back as we help maintain your property. Custodia is trusted in homes across Ontario because of our reputation, hard work, and integrity. With Custodia, you are free to focus on what matters most.

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