The House HMP | Get Help Managing The House

The House HMP combines groceries, errands, laundry, home maintenance, basement and garage cleaning, odd jobs and more. Customize this HMP to suit.

    Customize Your House HMP

    You must be 60 years of age or older to qualify for our program. The House HMP is completely customizable and can work for any sernior living in any type of house. Additional time available as needed.

    THE House BASIC


    starting at 3 hours per month

    • Grocery Shop or Clean
    • Odd Jobs and Errands
    • 24/7 Seniors Concierge
    • Perimeter Safety Check
    THE house PREMIUM


    starting at 12 hours per month

    • House Plus
    • Home Cleaning 2x monthly
    • Deep Home Cleaning 2x yearly
    • Laundry and Bedding 2x monthly
    • Garage Cleaning 1x yearly
    • Seasonal Home Maintenance

    The House HMP Is Custom For You

    The The House HMP can be customized to your needs.

    Chaging Lightbulbs and Batteries

    We look for the lights that are out inside and outside your home, and most times we have the bulb you need in the truck!

    Bi-Weekly Grocery Delivery

    Get your groceries delivered every two weeks. Put in your order at the beginning of the week for delivery the following week and save!

    Home Cleaning Service

    Customize your home cleaning services to get the checkpoints that matter most to you. If you don’t know, we will look after it with our list of over 100 home cleaning checkpoints!

    Deep Cleaning Service

    Once or twice a year we get into the spots that take a little longer. Under the fridge and stove, inside the cupboards, along the baseboards and more.

    On Call Handyman

    Enjoy a low-cost professional handyman who can come and help you fix and maintain things in your house.

    Laundry And Bedding

    When we come to clean we change the bedding and do the laundy every time. Once or twice a year we may even flip the mattress!

    Odd Jobs

    from changing lightbulbs and batteries to helping hang pictures. You can get the odd jobs done when you need them.

    Clearing and Organizaing

    We can help you organize things and clear the pathways to make it easier to move around your home.

    Seasonal Home Maintenance

    From repairing caulking to checking the basement for mould. Custodia can help look after your essential home maintenance.

    Reduce stress and conserve energy with an automated Custodia HMP.

    We were built to serve seniors, their families, and the organizations that serve them.



    Your Seniors Concierge is there to take your request via phone or app 24/7. Call or text the hotline at 1-833-410-4357.



    You are free to make changes, pause or cancel your HMP at any time. If circumstances change you are free as a bird.



    No more calling 10-15 people for help. No more scammers. One reliable, trusted, and insured source. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Seniors can get just about anything they need around the house.

    Each home management plan is designed to work for the specific needs of the senior and their family.