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window cleaning with soap and squeegee

Window Cleaning – How to Clean Windows Like the Pros

Window cleaning is important because it helps maintain the appearance of your home, or business, from the outside, and it’s good for the occupants’ mental health on the inside. Clean[…]

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Tips to prevent falls around your home

Common Home Modifications that Reduce the Risk of Falls  Did you know that the most common reason for hospitalizations of seniors in Canada is a fall around the house? For[…]

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Older entrepreneurial wonderwomen

Entrepreneurial Spirit Soaring In Their 70s

By Joanne Richard. Spring is in sight and with it comes new energy and opportunities, and possibly even a different career path and purpose. While some of us are happy[…]

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Food for the good mood

Food For Good Mood

By Joanne Richard. As seasons change, so do moods. Chilly temps, shorter days, and being cooped up inside can zap our energy and have us feeling a bit blue. And[…]

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Christmas gifts for Seniors - Custodia Seniors Support

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

By Joanne Richard. How many times have you heard it? “I have everything – don’t get me anything.” Yes, many older folks don’t want or need more knickknacks or warm[…]

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The future of aging

The Future Of Aging

By Joanne Richard. Aging is sparking innovation. Slowly but surely, business leaders and entrepreneurs are strategically adapting their products and services to match the demands of seniors and deliver on[…]

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A young woman touching a senior

Touch Deprivation And What It Means For The Elderly

By Joanne Richard. As the pandemic lingers, so too the suspicion of touch. Do you flinch when someone reaches out to touch you? Anxious about a spontaneous hug or an[…]

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Chip Conley

Regeneration, Not Retirement

By Joanne Richard. Aging isn’t optional, but growing old is, says Chip Conley, mega hospitality entrepreneur and best-selling author, who’s inspiring a new kind of midlife learning and living, and[…]

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Colin Milner

Rethink Aging With Colin Milner

By Joanne Richard. “Live longer better” is Colin Milner’s motto but to do that we need a seismic shift in how we view the aging population and cater to their[…]

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