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Popular Seniors Support Service, Custodia®, has opened a new location in Hamilton – Stoney Creek

Seniors! Live Longer At Home

Popular Seniors Support Service, Custodia®, has opened a new location in Hamilton – Stoney Creek

HAMILTON, ON, July 30th, 2019 — Following a successful launch in Etobicoke, Ontario, where they have booked over 2,000 home management visits for Seniors so far in 2019, Custodia Seniors Support is launching a 2nd location in Hamilton-Stoney Creek this August 2019.

Hundreds of seniors and their families have retained Custodia to help them live more enjoyable lives at home and to take the stress off of managing home and yard maintenance needs throughout the year.

“We are in business to help seniors and their families live more enjoyable lives”, says, Geoff Whitlock, founder of Custodia Seniors Support. “When they learn about what we do and how we do it, they can finally see a solution that will keep them at home over the long term.”

Custodia has hired a regional manager, Sean Allen, to help them launch and manage the new location. Sean grew up in Hamilton and coaches kids hockey in Stoney Creek. He has years of experience in helping homeowners manage their homes and is excited about the opportunity for seniors in Hamilton.

“I’m energized by the help we offer these people. They truly need our service and we are really helping them live better,” says Sean. “We are connecting with local seniors services and opening our doors to the area. We are here to help, and here to stay.”

With plans to expand to hundreds of cities and towns in the near future, Custodia is on track to help over one million seniors within the next five years.

About Custodia®

Custodia is a home management company designed to serve seniors and their families. Our exclusive processes and technologies help us customize and automate each home management plan according to the specific needs and abilities of our customers and their families.

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