Overview: “Custodia helps us help more local seniors”

Our NPO partners use Custodia to help them help more seniors. All of our current Seniors Services Partners enjoy a simple platform that makes finding help and ordering services for seniors effortless.  Custodia then dispatches the helper, manages the work, and collects payment from the customer.

Approach: “Our own Home Maintenance Department”

Frist, we educate our partners on the service and the platform. Then we set up their very own customized seniors services marketplace. From there, NPO partners can simply send the link to the senior they work for, or could set up the senior on their own.

Results: “Expanded services, reduced expense, and time saved across the team”

Our Seniors Services NPO partners see benefits throughout the organization. Our partners can see the seniors they referred, the total requests they made, and can get the specific reports they need for their financials.



Seniors Services NPO Partners used to have a cap on the services they could provide. WIth Custodia, there is no cap. They can help all of the seniors who call them, all year long.



Customer testimonials confirm that the Custodia platform saves up to 35% of their time helping seniors find reliable services. Managers report a 5% time savings! Lots of money saved!



By using our platform to connect seniors to the services they need, our Seniors Services NPO Partners save time and can allocate their precious resources to more pressing tasks.

Conclusion: “Any seniors support organization can benefit from working with Custodia.”

Using the Custodia platform, our Seniors Services partners have found significant savings in both time and money. Above that, they can now help many more seniors get the home management help they need.

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