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Lawn Maintenance
Service For Seniors

Seniors get a quality lawn maintenance service that is professional and affordable. 

Our customers rely on us to be there and to provide a quality lawn maintenance service.

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Seniors Lawn Care Service

Our lawn maintenance service is weekly or bi-weekly and our customers can pause or cancel any time.

Lawn cutting 

Your Custodia Home Pro will do a thorough and professional lawn maintenance service you can rely on.

Lawn trimming service

No lawn care service is complete without trimming the edges around the fence, deck, plants, beds and other areas.

Weeding the lawn

Our lawn care service will help you with weeding your lawn and keeping the weeds at bay throughout the season.

Blowing out debris

After your lawn maintenance service our lawn care professionals will clean up by blowing the remaining lawn clippings into yard bags.

Lawn raking service

All lawn care service customers get our lawn raking service included! Lawn raking service comes with 10 yard waste bags, free!

Aeration and fertilizer

Some customers need a lawn aeration and fertilizer service to keep their lawn healthier. Call and ask for more details.


Service is not complete without properly edging your lawn around  the gardens, fence and deck. A properly trimmed yard really adds the right finishing touch to your lawn maintenance service.


Adding just the right amount of lawn fertilizer to your grass will help your grass grow and keep things looking much better later in summer. We recommend a lawn fertilizer service at the begining of spring and again in mid-summer.

Seniors Lawn Maintenance Service

Our lawn maintenance service for seniors is available in Toronto, Etobicoke, and in Mississauga.

Weekly Lawn Service

Many of our lawn care service customers require weekly lawn cutting service to keep their lawn maintained and looking nice.

Bi-Weekly Lawn Service

Not all seniors need weekly service. Custodia offers an automated, bi-weekly lawn mainteance service that seniors can rely on.

On-Demand Lawn Service

Some seniors just want to call when  they need it. That’s why we provide an affordable on-demand lawn maintenance service in Toronto.

Don’t take our word for it,  read what our customers are saying!



“When I call, they are always there when I need them. They are easy to get along with and can always do want I need.”



“They where courteous and professional. I have since referred them to many of my friends and family members.”



“With Custodia, they come and can fix almost anything, I don’t have to worry about anything at all!

Your Lawn Maintenance Plan

SPRING  Mow high at 8 CM or 3 Inches when lawn is dry. Overseeding and fertilizing. Leave clippings on the lawn to add nitrogen to soil.

Clip weeds, water less, let lawn go  dormant in dry spells, water deeply in the  morning once every 2 visits to lawn alive .

FALL Fertilize with slow release organic fertilizer, overseed, clean up all edges and prepare for the winter months ahead.

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Get quality lawn maintenance service for seniors with only the best service and guaranteed results.

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Custodia is a home management company exclusively for seniors

Seniors and their families enjoy having one number to call or text for just about anything they need.