The Outside Home Management Plan

Each HMP builds on the last and is then customized to make the best plan for you.
Get Custodia specialized home management service for seniors and their families.
You must be over 60 years of age to qualify for our program.



Starting per week

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Clean all dirt and debris
  • Remove snow at 5 CM
  • 9-point perimeter check
  • Seniors support hotline


starting per week

  • Outside Plus +
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Annual Home Maintenance
  • Lightbulbs and Batteries

The plans above are based on our annual service plan and start with up to 2,000 sq/ft lawn and up to 2 car driveway. All costs are organized into one low monthly payment to make it easier for our customers.   There are no long term contracts and all services can be purchased on-demand. The price may be adjusted for larger properties.  Call us at 1-833-410-HELP.

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